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Make Packing And Organizing Your Flight Attendant Bag Quick And Easy

There are just some things about travel and flight attendant life that I don't think I will EVER love. Like lavatories. Or jet lag. Or delays. Or creepy pilots. Or... Packing and unpacking. And packing and repacking. I feel like, at some point, I would get good at the process, but it always seems that...

The Magic Of Mexico: Escaping To Isla Blanca

Editor's note: this is a very personal confession of my life. It's not so much about flying, but on my own relationships, struggles, and uncertainties; which I guess—ultimately— is very much what this blog has always been about. I hope you enjoy what I feel is a rare form of my writing, especially as the...

Because It’s Your Dream…

You’ve always wanted to be a flight attendant. You remember your first flight and being mesmerized by the dazzling smile of a bubbly cabin attendant. It was the moment that changed everything.  There’s something about it— the flight attendant life— that entices you. calls to you. intrigues you. fascinates you. You know you must follow your […]

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Known By A Number

I always say the same standard introduction when calling scheduling. “Hi…This is [Full Name],” quickly followed by a five digit number number that is my identity as an airline employee. It’s funny how flight attendants and inmates both have numbers. Funny and currently fitting considered how this existence feels like my prison. Tears stream down […]

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How-To Break Into Private Aviation And Become A Private Flight Attendant: Advice From Industry Experts

Editor’s Note: Nicole and I have been friends for over six-years now. I actually remember the process she went through when deciding to become a flight attendant. We were out on a bike ride together (this girl has biked across the United States btw) and she was asking me what I knew about private aviation. I […]

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Planes & Poetry

By J. Wilson Smeared lipstick & spray tan on bedsheets. Secrets kept in hotel rooms in the cobwebbed cities we fly into. But you’re an LA & I’m more of a Denver A Pinterest to your Tinder Marlboro Reds and Ambien- An entire year of them Living off of energy drinks and protein bars Jesus. […]

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Flight Attendant RETOX: The Necessary Detox & Recovery Required Post-Trip

The last thing I wanted was to be on the 5hr25 min flight from Ft Lauderdale to Los Angeles. ‘I hate this commute,’ I thought as I lifted my heavy kiteboarding bag onto the scale; smiling at the agent in the hopes that the kite bag would slip by any overweight charges she could slap onto […]

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The Line Check: Cabin Crew Life

On a recent flight, we had a trainee. I’ve had a few trainees on my trips recently as new classes are graduating every month. And, the long-haul operation that I work for is small in comparison to many other airlines; which means that the probability of a new cabin crew on a flight is highly […]

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What It Feels Like To Commute 6 Hours To Work

It’s Saturday night, and I’m at LAX. Naturally, flight attendants are supposed to be at airports; that’s what they do. They go to airports and on a lot of airplanes, especially during a weekend. It’s not out of character for me to be at an airport on a Saturday night, it’s just not the first […]

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Where Could You Go Overnight?

If you are in the aviation industry, spontaneous travel is more than just a second-nature type thing, but most of the time, everything. You can’t really plan the details when you don’t know if you will make the destination. This is the art, as well as the horror of standby. It’s kind of addicting. It’s […]

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What To Do While You Wait

You find yourself wondering what to do next with your life. You are currently hoping to get invited to that airline interview. Your on reserve, waiting around the crashpad for the call from scheduling. You date and date and date, looking for ‘your person’ with what seems to be no success. You send prayers to the universe or […]

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Thank God I’m Flying Tonight…

“Thank God I’m going to Sweden tonight…” I thought to myself as the rhythmic rotations of my legs propelled me and my mint green bike with the pink basket through the muggy Florida air. Summer has certainly greeted Ft Lauderdale with its warm hello; my sticky tan skin shimmering under a hot morning sun. I want to […]

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