“20 Reasons to Not Workout:”


A Flight Attendant On Reserve

Ita��s a stormy, gloomy day here in Chicago, and my plan for a beautiful morning run has been destroyed. A�The Weather Channel predicted storms starting last night, and continuing on throughout the day. A�So, last night, I changed my plan and decided that I would go to a 9am boxing class. A�I slept in. A�Change the plan. A�I decided I would go to the noon boxing class. A�Ita��s currently 12:02, and I am still in my pajamas, under my covers, listening to the rain. A�I have several more chances to make it to boxing, or CrossFit today, but Ia��m not sure if it is going to happen, because, wella�� I have a lot of *really good* reasons why not to workout today.
  1. Crew schedule can call me at any time. A�If I tucked my phone into my compression shorts during class it would get all sweaty.
  2. Ita��s raining.
  3. My suitcase badly needs reorganizing.
  4. I have a lot of laundry I should be doing- Ia�?m probably out of ALL clean fitness apparel.
  5. My uniform scarves really need to be steamed.
  6. I should conserve all energy. A�Ita��s possible that I could be called for a redeye. A�Workout+ That = Exhaustion.
  7. –Or an international trip. Oh forget it. A�I would probably drop dead of exhaustion mid-flight if I worked out, and then got called to work an 8-12 hour flight without being mentally prepared.
  8. My relative position on reserve is 25 of 36, and ita��s RAINING. A�They will definitely be calling mea�� because of all those weather delays and stuff…I bet crews are going to go illegal at anytime nowa�� even though ita��s only noona��
  9. If I go to boxing, or do CrossFit my arms will be really sore, and how am I supposed to organize all those heavy trays and boxes in the galley with sore arms?
  10. Or my poor legs! How would I be able to pull/push that 250lb cart up the aisle with sore legs?!
  11. Closing overhead bins with sore arms could be considered a fatal act.
  12. I would squat down to arm the doors with sore legs, and a sore butt and possibly never get up. A�My career as a flight attendant would be over.
  13. My arms would be so sore that I could risk spilling hot coffee on someone from having the muscle shakes.
  14. I havena��t eaten yet, and I cana��t possibly workout without eating first.
  15. …and once I eat, It takes at least a few hours for my stomach to settle, and by then crew scheduling will have already assigned me a trip.
  16. Okay it just stopped raining–But ita��s too dangerously wet outside to run, I could slip and get injured.
  17. I cana��t find a hair tie. A�How is a girl supposed to get a legitimate workout in with hair in her face?!
  18. I cana��t find my favorite workout tank top.
  19. I think I am still a tiny bit sore from yesterday. A�Ita��s probably best that I give my body a break.
  20. I havena��t had my coffee yet.
WAITa�� I havena��t had my coffee yet! A�Ita��s past noon! No wonder I am making all of these excuses. A�Time for coffee, some lunch, and some a�?pep-me-upa�? music. A�My tank top is probably where I left it yesterday, and I have extra hair ties in the car. A�I have been number 25 of 26 since last night, and the stormy weather has passed through. Ia��m going to pop in a load of laundry, and switch it when I get home. I have to make sure to stretch after class to keep from getting sore. A�Ia��ll keep my phone on a�?loud ringa�? next to my heavy bag in class. A�I may even be able to get a short treadmill run in before class starts. A�Thank god I have tomorrow off, and they cana��t call me out for an international trip. A�A redeye is still a possibility, but maybe a good workout would give me an extra boost of energy if that ridiculous hypothetical situation became true. A�Okay, time to grab my gloves and wraps and go. A�Ia��ve got a marathon in less than 5 weeks.
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