In the airline industry, the way crew look matters. Stylish, sophisticated, and poised; a flight attendant is the first face of an airline brand for an air traveler. Equally as important to how a cabin crew member looks, is how he or she feels in that look. Do you feel comfortable, classy, and stylish? Do you feel like you look your best in uniform? Often the best look and feel begins at your toes. The fundamental piece of any airline uniform or private aviation outfit begins with the airline shoe.

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Often, an airline will give a new cabin crew member all of the necessary uniform pieces to be successful EXCEPT the shoes, leaving a new flight attendant with millions of options of what to buy and where to buy, but with little direction as to which is actually the best for them to flaunt on their feet.

I’ve tried a lot of shoes over the years and recently, I experienced AirlineShoes, and they are wonderful! The shoes are metal free (meaning you won’t set off security sensors), high grip (meaning you’ll walk gracefully on slick airport floors), and come with Ortholite Inserts (meaning your feet will be comfortable all day long). They are very nice shoes, and I’ve found that just in the short week while bouncing from Miami to Paris and then to Los Angeles, the shoes are a great addition to my flight attendant life.

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There are a few things one should look for when choosing a cabin crew shoe, and this blog is here to give you the three most important rules for choosing the perfect cabin crew shoe. Please comment below and tell us what airline shoes you wear and love!

3 Rules For Choosing The Perfect Cabin Crew Shoe

Focus First On Fit

It is so important to first take into account your need as a cabin attendant for comfort when choosing a cabin crew shoe. Fit is probably the most important aspect to consider. What type of shoes are you more comfortable in and offer the best support? How long are your flights, and will you be changing into an inflight service shoe while in the air? Some heels, no matter how well designed, are not designed for women or men who need to be on their feet for 10 hrs+ a day. For me as a cabin crew member, I have some shoes I wear on shorter flights and some shoes that are my go-to for those days that I know will be demanding. When you are comfortable, you are better able to serve your guests. Although very stylish and trendy, AirlineShoes has first dedicated themselves to the philosophy of Comfort vs. Style. If you are not 100 percent satisfied with the fit of your Airline Shoes cabin crew shoes, you can return them with a full refund or exchange— no questions asked. And I can personally attest, the shoes are comfortable!

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2: Always Stay Stylish

Every cabin attendant needs to look the part, so being stylish and having cute shoes is important to create a complete look. At Airline Shoes, the styles range from full boots to half-booties; heels and flats. The two styles that I have are the Lucy Black; an adorable and simple black ballet flat with an almost unnoticeable heel, and the Anna Bootee Black; a sexy women’s short boot that looks stunning with pants. I can wear it whether I’m flying commercial or private, as it is very classy, simple, and sophisticated. Determine what styles you like and are allowed for your airline or corporate flight attendant job. You may browse the many styles on AirlineShoe’s website.

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3: Invest In The Best

When you cut corners with cost when choosing an airline shoe, you compromise on quality and your health . Decide that you are ok with investing in the best; spending what you need to for a cabin crew shoe that will last and be comfortable for the long-term. Often, when you spend a little bit more in the beginning, you are rewarding yourself throughout the lifetime of that item with a shoe you like, lasts, looks good, and feels great. Don’t let the price of a shoe be the first reason to buy or not to buy. Remember to purchase cabin crew shoes as a long-term investment.  You need your feet to be as happy as you are in this career!

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I hope this helps you for choosing your next cabin crew shoe. Stay tuned for more insights, product reviews, and stories about flight attendant life! Check for different styles and cute comfortable shoes. 

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