5 Quick Tips become a flight attendant

I love giving advice to those considering the crazy wonderful flight attendant life. Most of the emails that I receive start a little something like this…

“Hi my name is ___ and I am considering becoming a flight attendant!”

and these emails usually end with the question, “Where do I start?” or “How do I become a flight attendant?”

I have a few tips for those of you that are interested in crew life. Here are 5 tips to help you begin.

1. Google it.

Seriously. Read all of the blogs you can find, research all of the websites you come across, and if you still are unsure about the lifestyle, email someone who is a crew member. Soak it all up and make an educated decision about if you would enjoy it or not.

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2. Make a budget.

Remember, the crew life is rewarding, but definitely not necessarily the most profitable job. If you have a lot of financial obligations, you might find yourself struggling. Definitely make a spreadsheet to see if it’s doable. Calculate numbers based on the starting wage of the airlines you are interested in and the minimum guarantee (if there is one.)

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3. Pump up your resume.

This part is key. Make sure your resume is summed up onto one page and highlights your customer service experiences. If you find you don’t have mucha��get out and volunteer! And definitely get a second opinion on what it says about you before submitting it to airlines.

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4. Research your airline options.

Check out my videos. Figure out which airlines fit YOU and which are best for your aspirations, lifestyle, and what you want from crew life. (Pro tip: Definitely take location into consideration.)

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The most important step is to just start putting yourself out there! If you want to start your flight attendant life– then start applying! What are you waiting for?!

TheA�fifth bullet point is the most important. The best time to make a change in your life is NOW! Plus, think about all of the seniority you’re losing. 😉 (A little stew humor for ya…)

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Have more questions about the flight attendant life? Feel free to email Meghan. Check out our free YouTube videos and buy our Careers eBook!

See you in the sky!

  • Celessa Lynn

    Hi Alexis! Other FAs may disagree, but my opinion is that it is NOT necessary to go to an “airline flight attendant school” to become a cabin crewmember! I have been to interviews where applicants who completed airline academy “training” didn’t even make it past the first round, and people with zero airline experience got hired. If you want to prepare yourself for airline interviews, the best few things to do are research your airlines, check out the careers section of TheFlightAttendantLife.com (and watch all those interview advice videos we have over at youtube.com/theFAlife!) and KEEP APPLYING!


    December 9th, 2015 22:52
  • Alexis

    Hi, I’ve been interested in becoming a flight attendant for a while now. I’ve been doing some research and find myself confused. The travel academy always pops up and I’m considering attending there after spring semester is over. My question is….. Do you have to go to a school like the academy or can you just apply to an airline and they will train you? Thanks in advance

    December 6th, 2015 20:40

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