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This website is the destination for all things related to a flight attendant’s lifestyle. From thoughts of how a traveler’s life affects relationships, to product recommendations, destination reviews, city guides and humorous stories from the perspective of flight attendants, the editorial and management team exists to inspire a global community to lives wildly adventurous lives.

As a team we promote, we value, we share, we live…

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The Flight Attendant Life- Crew GEN-DEC

Kara Mulder- Chief Creative Adventurer

KaraOslo copy

If Kara Mulder was to write her six-word memoir, it would be, “She went to see the world.”

In 2009, Kara unexpectedly began her career as a flight attendant after post-college unemployment left her confused and uncertain.  In 2011, she launched ‘The Flight Attendant Life.’  Kara has traveled to over 45 countries, and her writing has been published in the Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Thought Catalog, Matador Network as well as other newspapers and magazines.  She also founded inflightdietitian.com, a website that offers ‘Healthy Choices for Travel Junkies,’ and she is a Brand Ambassador for Heylets, the social city guide and travel app, based only on positive reviews.  You can download the app here.

Kara dreams of living in a foreign country someday, plans on learning a second, and maybe a third language, and is most happy when kite boarding in Maui, or riding her road bike along the Southern California Coast.  Connect with her on Instagram @TheFALife.

Celessa Dietzel:  Content Manager & Destinations Editor

Celessa- City Guide Editor copy

Celessa is an adventure addict, jumpseating extraordinaire and flight attendant living in Seattle, Washington. Originally from a small town in Wisconsin, the travel bug has taken her on planes, trains and buses across the United States and as far away as Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Seoul and beyond.

Whether it means finding the best po’ boy in New Orleans, singing Karaoke in South Korea or hiring a guide to take her deep into the Bolivian Amazon to swim with piranhas, Celessa always manages to seek out the best places to eat, sleep and play wherever she ends up.

These days, you’ll regularly find Celessa tapping away at her phone, updating her blog with travel tips, seeking out new places to discover and planning her next jumpseating adventure.

Meghan Hemingway-  Careers Editor

Meghan Career Editor Flight Attendant Life

Meghan Hemingway is a modern-day Gypsy.  She has lived all over the United States, but if you ask her where she is from, she will tell you a beautiful suburb north of Charlotte, North Carolina.  She went to a major university in North Carolina where she graduated with a bachelors degree and immediately began a full time job in sales.  Meghan quickly figured out this was not the right career for her adventurous personality and with a little encouragement from Kara, became a regional flight attendant.  After spending a wonderful year in the regionals, she has made the leap to a legacy carrier.

Meghan is extremely multifaceted with a wide array of interests.  She enjoys traveling, sports, nights out, and spending time with the people that mean the most to her.  She has a passion for helping others and is particularly interested in the career aspect of the flight attendant life.  You can reach her by emailing meghan [at] theflightattendantlife [dot] com.  Meghan also loves capturing her flight attendant life on Instagram @flywithmeghan.  Meghan has created videos, that can be found on YouTube, to help flight attendant hopefuls discover their wings.


Randy- Business Development Manager & Sponsorship Relations

Like many Flight Attendants, Randy never imagined himself in this line of work. Born and raised in Michigan, Randy initially attended college to be a Sports Broadcaster. After a change of heart and a brief stint living in Southern California, he eventually returned to school and earned his Master’s degree (credit morris). After filling out hundreds of job applications post graduation and hearing very little, Randy widened his search and was ultimately hired at his current airline. Despite the wild ride of the past few years, he has happily adjusted to his new life in the skies. When not flying, Randy enjoys playing and watching sports, going to the movies, working out, and spending any time he can with his friends and family across the country.



Chase Bucklew- Contributing Writer

Natasha Lowe- Fitness Contributor 

Griffin Bruehl- #ThefalifeINSPIRES Content Manager


If you are interested in contributing to The Flight Attendant Life, please send pitches/queries to kara [at] theflightattendantlife [dot] com.  We are currently looking for travel photographers, travel fashion writers and other flight attendant content creators