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Anchorage Alaska Winter

Last week, I was totally beachin’ it, soaking in Hawaii sunshine, which was pretty fantastic. A�I love this new Hawaii adventure. A�February, although chaotic for me, has been a low fly month, only working two days a week, with Fridays through Tuesdays to play. A�What a fantastic schedule?!

With fantastic schedules in my possession, I feel obligated to take a trip somewhere. A�This month, with the combination of addressless-ness, being gypsy exhausted, and wanting to save money, deep down, I craved a safe place, with home cooked food, quietness, and love, all attributes associated with “home.” A�Although, I feel loved and secure to the point of actually enjoying the surprises of bouncing from place to place, I do get tired. A�Emotionally drained. A�And that’s what I have been. A�I need rest.

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I don’t know where to drop the “Home” pin on a google map. A�My mom is also flighting around the country, and I’m not terribly interested in being stuck in the Shafter countryside with just Daddy Dearest. A�And not that I’m knocking where I grew up, but there isn’t much culture there, and the closest international airport is over two hours away, a big problem in my world.

So, I logically honed in on Alaska as where to spend some time. A�My only brother and his family live in the beautiful, and somewhat misinterpreted state. A�I hadn’t A�seen my niece or nephew in over eight months, and I didn’t really envision the upcoming months lending time for a visit up north. A�Surprisingly, and I’ll grudgingly admit (because I’m stubborn) that I kinda wanted to see my sis-in-law. A�I also needed an older brother’s hug.

And, when I arrived, and walked into their cozy home, gazing on the snowy view of Downtown Anchorage, little kid voices filling the house, and Mia, the almost four-year old asking, “Aunt Kara, do you want to play beach with us?” I had to laugh. A�I sometimes question my decisions, but this one that took me up to snow and cold had been a good one.

Flight Attendant In The Snow

Welcome to Alaska!

The long weekend, was filled with sleeping in, long breakfasts where I would savor my coffee, reheating the liquid three or four times, and admiring the complete contrast of my one week to the next. A�Janet spent her weekend playing the gracious host, all of her days off were filled with catering to the kiddos, the company staying under her roof, and caring that I was ok and entertained. A�Once again, I felt undeserving, but also knew that for my sanity, I had to cling and accept the kindness and support from both my brother and his wife.

One of the things that I love about my life is that I constantly get to try new things, and this trip to Alaska was no different. A�I danced myself silly with Zumba for Wii and the chickadees certainly thought I was silly. A�The inquisitive stares and then the question stated with obvious exasperation, “Aunt Kara, you are dancing, AGAIN?!?!” A�Bryan and Janet took me cross country skiing twice, and Janet let me drive her snow machine! A�That woman is cool! A�We went out shooting, and I couldn’t help but laugh to myself as Janet, smiling and happy, played target practice, her hot pink, manicured nails pulling the trigger with focused accuracy. A�I don’t know any other woman like her!

Snowmachine Alaska

Snowmachines & Shooting

Flight Attendant Driving a Snowmachine

First Time Driver

Zumba Core for Wii

Zumba Dancing

Alaska is one of my favorite places in the entire world, summer or winter. A�It’s beautiful both times of year, and the saying goes, “There isn’t bad weather, just bad clothing.” A�I love being able to wear bikini’s in the middle of winter, but I absolutely love that I have the opportunity to appreciate bundled up boots, too.

Snow Skiing Alaska

I dreaded getting back on a plane to leave. A�When I said goodbye to Koen, the cuddlebug of an almost two-year old, he acted as if he didn’t hear me when I asked for a hug, but after a long pause, he turned, wrapped his chubby little arms around my neck, squeezing with toddler strength. A�Even my brother, the more quiet, less animated type, verbalized that, “That was pretty cute!” A�That almost made me cry.


It’s amazing how easily children can love. A�It’s incredible how curious they are. A�It’s beautiful that I do have a place to go, when I feel I have no place to go. A�I’m thankful for changes and awed at how a somewhere that I never thought would feel safe and secure, would be a somewhere that I would be welcome and want to go.

Next time, I won’t drop in so unannounced…

Kids playing Wasilla, Alaska Farm Soy Hot Chocolate



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