I had planned on going to Los Angeles. A�There were things that I really wanted to do, and someone that I really wanted to see, but unfortunately, Tuesday got in my way. A�How does Tuesday get in my way, you wonder? A�Well, it’s an airline fact that Tuesdays, and Saturdays, are low fly days; less traveling fools, equal less flights scheduled. A�The lovely Virgin America is my go to bus ride from East to West, and vice versa, but since I never travel coast to coast on Tuesdays, I assumed wrong that there were still three flights a day. A�Realizing this late Monday night, I didn’t know, even when I woke up the next morning, what I would do. A�I had to go somewhere, as this is my last week of free flights around the country (more on that to come), so I woke up with the same debate: A�Stay in Lauderdale A�go to LA, or…

Visit Austin.

Austin, Texas

I wanted to visit The Cousin, and see what many claim to be one of the best cities in The States (it must be because they are keeping it weird). A�So, I went. A�And that is what I love about my job, about myself, and about my friends, and family is that they accept the fact that I may show up on a whim.

I was so excited, and happy to be in Austin, spending time with Jenny. A�She lives in the cutest little house, on an adorable little street. A�Jenny is smart, creative, and adventurous. A�Her friends are nice, unique, and genuinely charming. A�The bars, restaurants, and vibe Austin exudes is inviting- a hipster cool, without the big city pretension of Venice, Silver Lake, or Santa Monica. A�A bonus is that Austin has babes and beards everywhere.

Austin Home

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When Jenny picked me up, she said that later, we would go to a dog funeral. A�I was told that this is very Austin. A�It was to be held at a bar called Cheer Up Charlies. A�I was thinking that a place with such a happy name was a good location for such a somber occasion. Jenny asked what I would like to do, and I shrugged. A�I mostly was just happy doing what Jenny would be doing, being her little shadow, and catching up. A�Of course we had to talk boys, but kept getting sidetracked with business, actually steering the conversation away from entrepreneurial ideas more than once or twice.

Cheer Up Charlies Austin

Jenny and I both like business, and she has a knack for it, which is great, considering what she does. A�She owns, and runs a little coffee cart, where she makes espresso, and other coffee drinks from Blue Bottle Coffee. A�She also makes her own sodas, with Lemon and Thyme. A�Her artist touch is apparent by the chalkboard sign that invites coffee lovers to come closer, and the little red metal bookcase that is parked to the left of her silver coffee trailer office. A�I am so proud of her, and what she is doing. A�I understand the responsibility of building a brand, but what I have built with The Flight Attendant Life is more intangible, less of an investment, translating to less risk. A�Jenny inspires me, with her fresh ideas, adventurous spirit, and big dreams. A�She’s young, and motivated, and pursing a unique life path. A�And, most importantly, she is happy.

Sister Coffee Austin

Whatever you choose to be, do, or pursue in your life, do your best at it. A�Follow the path that calls to you. A�Who cares if it’s not what everyone else is doing. A�Who cares if you are afraid. A�Who cares if you fail the first time. A�Cause if you are meant to, and when you are meant, it will work out. A�I am living proof of this. A�Jenny is living proof of this. A�And both of us are living proof that we will not stop here.

Sister Cousins

Sister Cousins in Maui in January 2014

And, next time you are in Austin, Texas make sure you look up the babe, Sister Coffee, lounge at the picnic table out front, and appreciate all of the beautiful beards along the way.

Sister Coffee Texas

Meet Sister Coffee…Watch The Video!

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