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What Billionaires Taught A Flight Attendant About Achieving ‘Impossible’ Goals

By Griffin Bruehl So you get a trip. It’s a 12-hour flight from Paris to Tokyo. You are carrying six passengers and four crew; including yourself. All beds in the cabin are filled and your crew rest seat is now occupied by the relief pilot. You are serving 4-course meals for ten people periodically throughout […]

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To The Airline That Inspired Me To Fly…

By Griffin BruehlA� I have been asked about my choice of resigning as a commercial flight attendant. Now, dona��t worry. I am still flying. Resigning is actually a really great thing for me, but the decision was NOT easy. The full story of how I got started in Aviation is something special to me. There […]

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a�?The Angel in 22B:a�? The Life Changing Moments All Around Us

One thing that I can say from my experience as a flight attendant is that bad days do exist. Although most days are pretty awesomea�� just gallivanting around the globea�� the bad days do come and when they do, they can be extremely exhausting. Coming from someone who considers himself an extremely positive person, getting […]

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Being A Male Corporate Flight Attendant In Business Aviation

When I first became a Commerical Flight Attendant, I would always dream of working on private jets with the rich and famous. However, I never dreamt it would become possible. I always made the assumption that only the young pretty girls were amongst the glamorous Private Cabin Attendants. It wasna��t until I started doing my […]

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5 Ways To Make Goal-Setting Not Just Something You Say, But Something You Do

We all have goals and dreams, but what stops some of us from actually achievingA� our intentions?A� I feel like there can be a fine line between success and failure, many of us never making the jump into what we want, where we want to be, and who we want to become. Why cana��t we […]

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#thefalifeINSPIRES:  Begin with your VISION

I once heard a quote that has truly stuck with me. A�“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” A�Personally, I wasn’t always driven by a clear vision or flight path so to speak. A�There was a time in my life when I wasn’t sure where I was going or what I […]

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