A Dietitian’s Three Simple Strategies for Mindful Eating

Holiday travel can be particularly challenging for those who value a healthy lifestyle and nutrition plan. The travel process is inherently stressful and comes with its own package of confusion and distractions. Sometimes it is important to step back and make a conscious decision to approach nourishing your body with some “Intuitive Eating” strategies. Mindful […]

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The Inflight Dietitian:  Why Cutting Out Carbs Is A Cut Below The Best

How many times have you heard someone say, “I’m cutting out carbs,” or “I can’t eat that because it has too many carbohydrates?” The common belief in eating “low carb” may not be beneficial.  Low carb is not balanced, and our bodies crave balance. A balanced diet includes carbohydrates, proteins, and fats along with vitamins, […]

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Air Travel Nutrition Survival

Navigating nutrition with a busy travel schedule presents challenges.   Have you ever arrived at an airport with a plan to get a bite to eat only to find that the restaurants are closed?  Or maybe you are so short on time that you have to grab something quick before your next flight.  Incorporating a […]

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