I’m in Barcelona, a destination that I had only considered for a summer holiday, but thanks to the advice of a friend that “Barcelona is nice anytime of year,” I switched my sights from spending a week in Central America to Spain.

During the few weeksA�beforeA�”holiday trips”, ask where I am going,A�and it will be a different answer every time.A� Spain didn’t even register as a possibility until two days before I was to depart.A� My sights were set on Roatan, Colombia, Guatemala, or USVI.A� Spain…well, I didn’t really expect to be back in Europe so soon.

But here I am, and in short, Barcelona isA�wonderful.A� Between staying at W Barcelona,A�to exploring theA�streets of shops and restaurants, discovering the architectural genius of Gaudi,A�orA�riding TelefericoA�de Montjuic,A�myA�time has been filled.

Right now, I amA�lounging atA�Itaca Hostel,A�relaxing reggae music softly playing, while the smells and sizzle of an A�evening meal cooking in the kitchen remind me of my own hunger.A� I am going out for Vegetarian Paella tonight.A� Maybe some Sangria or Cava.A� Ah, I love Spain.

Next week, I’ll write about Barcelona in full detail.A� I’ll be sure to includeA�entertaining stories, maybeA�about attractive Aussie Rugby players.A�

Something to look forward to…

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