Becoming A Private Cabin Attendant

“What would it be like to work on private jets? How much different than commercial aviation is it, and what would I like about it, and what would I not like? Do I have what it takes? Will they like me? I hope I can learn how to open a wine bottle…” 

These questions, and more, have intermittently swirled through my mind for six years; strongly echoing their presence when my commercial airline life was unfulfilling, and receding into a hushed existence when that style of flying found its calm. But, the questions were always there, and the desire to try this career in aviation always a strong curiosity. No longer will it be a curiosity.

Welcome to the art, achievement, and adventure of becoming a private cabin attendant.

The art, Achievement & Advenutre of Becoming A

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If you are interested in the elite and exclusive world of private jet travel and embarking on your own career, I encourage you to utilize the resources on this website, watch the YouTube videos we have created on the subject, and visit our partner, SkyAngels, for more information.

The best way to be able to tell a story is to live it. I’d love to tell you this story…

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Videos About The Industry

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