Becoming A Private Cabin Attendant


“What would it be like to work on private jets? How much different than commercial aviation is it, and what would I like about it, and what would I not like? Do I have what it takes? Will they like me? I hope I can learn how to open a wine bottle…”  These questions, and more, have intermittently swirled through my mind for six years; strongly echoing their presence when my commercial airline life was unfulfilling, and receding into a hushed existence when that style of flying found its calm. But, the questions were always there, and the desire to try this career in aviation always a strong curiosity. No longer will it be a curiosity.

Welcome to the art, achievement, and adventure of becoming a private cabin attendant.

The art, Achievement & Advenutre of Becoming A

This is the new chapter of life and info about working and flying as a flight attendant in private aviation. 

If you are interested in the elite and exclusive world of private jet travel and embarking on your own career, I encourage you to utilize the resources on this website and watch the YouTube videos. I will be updating this as frequently as possible, but be sure to join the Flight Attendant Life Careers Facebook as a way to get some of your questions answered.

“The best way to be able to tell a story is to live it. I’d love to tell you this story…”

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