Many of my before I was a flight attendant days were spent with a smart, funny, sweet, and easy-going redhead. I always said I would never follow a boy anywhere, anywhere being much to vague or broad, which I now narrow into meaning follow a boy to college, but I would follow a best friend, Christy, all the way to Nebraska.  She put some spell on the people closest to her, because her sweetheart from 7th grade, Shon, and our philosophical and artistic friend Hilary, made the California- Nebraska switch.

I will forever face the question “Why Nebraska?”, said with a tone of what-the-hell-were-you-thinking, which I first answered with rambling answers such as, “I can play volleyball” or “I received scholarships”, but after awhile I would simply say, “Because of Christy.”

In retrospect, moving to Nebraska was one of the best decisions I’ve made.  I mean I dressed up as a Ninja Turtle and a tetris block! That hasn’t happened in California.  I had a Pre-dent major roommate who had amazing study habits that happened to rub off on me, even if only to a small degree.  We made traditions of spending weekends at the lake and Parade Day.  Not a bad college experience at all, even if we did suffer through the freezing winters.

I don’t have the opportunity to see my college friends very often anymore, but last week, I had a most unexpected surprise at work.  Boarding had just begun for a quick turn from Missouri back to LAX.  I was standing in the forward galley, assessing passengers, while simultanously running through my list of Christmas shopping I still needed to complete.  I was tired.  I was ready for a day off.

My co-worker, standing next to me, began his announcement;  “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard this flight to Los Angeles…”

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Then, I heard two voices saying my name.  I recognized those voices! I looked over and before I registered that I was screaming, and doing a little shuffle-excitement-jump/dance, it’s already done.  The entire plane heard my glee, because inadvertantly, I yelled through the PA.   Oops.  The passengers looked around in alarm, wondering what was wrong with the flight attendant.

It was Christy and Shon, both of which I hadn’t seen since I was in their wedding in June.  They were traveling back to Southern California for the holidays.

During the safety demo Christy and Shon dutifully looked over the saftey information card, glancing at me and laughing, in attempt to make me laugh also.  With Christy, almost anything she does can make me laugh, so I in turn, ignored the fact that I had two very attentative passengers in the front row.

During the flight, and between interruptions, we talked about their new careers, their trip to Indonesia, and new house.  I badgered on with my silly stories of cute boys and klutzy moments, and of course they still laughed at me and said, “Oh, for pity sake!”

I vote my airline starts flyiing to London and then maybe I’ll bump into Hilary…




Yep…they’re both Doctors:)

  • gingerwaring

    Kara, what a sweet post. I always look for you on that flight and maybe I’ll get lucky and catch you too one of these days 🙂 You should definitely come out and see us some time! Especially since you could probably get a free flight 🙂 Come spend the weekend at the lake with us once spring/summer hits. We would love to have you. Happy Holidays! love, the sister of the above mentioned redhead

    December 26th, 2011 19:39
    • Kara

      I want to come out to visit sometime soon! Hope to see you on a flight sometime:)

      December 27th, 2011 16:12
  • Shon

    We had some of the best times!!!! I hope we have some more in our future 😉 It was an awesome experience being apart of your work day!!

    December 27th, 2011 4:45
    • Kara

      College was great! We need to have an un-interrupted catch up session soon!

      December 27th, 2011 16:13
  • christymellor

    You’re too sweet Kare, It was such a treat to have you attend to us 🙂 You spoiled us greatly and it was the quickest 3 hour flight we’ve ever been on – how will we ever go back to another airline now…

    December 27th, 2011 4:57
    • Kara

      You are the best Christy!

      December 27th, 2011 16:12

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