Today, I feel fuzzy. A�Droopy eyelids. A�Low energy. A�I want to do nothing. A�Formulating coherent thoughts is extra challenging right now.

Hello Jet Lag!

AA�handful of naps, movies, and snacks later,A�I arrived back home in Los Angeles last night, after thirteen hours on a plane, the initial flight originating in Stockholm, Sweden. A�Having spent a total of ten days traveling throughout Scandinavia, the jet lagged, tired feeling wasn’t suffocating when I had arrived in Copenhagen, but upon re-entry onto American soil, I felt flying’s effects and the changed time-zones in more of a pronounced way.

You probably assume that I am used to jet lag, as I’m a flight attendant, but I’m also human, and we humans have some basic needs, like food, water, shelter, and sleep, to name a few. A�When you travel, it can be a challenge to meet those needs appropriately. A�The airline food sucks! I can’t drink enough water! A�I’m in a middle seat, crammed completely upright, sitting next to a man who smells! Sound familiar?

So, in what ways can you minimize the effects of jet lag? Here are the ways I fight that jet lag feeling from long travel days.

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  1. Drink water: A�The plane is more dry than the Sahara desert so your body is easily dehydrated. A�Drink lots of water and avoid consuming alcoholic beverages.
  2. Eat healthy foods: A�If the snack and meal service is not served on the your eating schedule, go ahead and pass on the food. A�Pack your own healthy granola bars, trail mix, dried fruit, etc. A�Also, be careful and avoid foods that cause gastrointestinal distress and be careful not to overeat.
  3. Move Around: A�If the flight is over two hours, get up to stretch or walk for a minute or two.
  4. Nap on the flight: A�I slept so good on my nine-hour flight to Copenhagen. A�I take my own personal blanket and pillow, eye mask, and earplugs. A�Be prepared and rest up. A�It helps.
  5. Change your watch: A�Immediately change your watch to the local time. A�Fall into a local time schedule and routine with eating and sleeping. Do not go to sleep at 1p. A�Wait to fall asleep at a regular time. A�Your body will quickly readjust.
  6. Exercise, Moisturize, Sanitize: A�Exercising in your regular, daily life schedule, will help you when you are on the road traveling. A�Take moisturizing facial spritzer with you to refresh your skin during flight, and always carry waterless hand sanitizer with you to fight germs.

That’s about all of the coherent-ness I can collect right now. A�Only a few more hours till I can go to sleep….


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