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Southwest Airlines didn’t hire me as a Flight Attendant, but then this happened

A long overdue ‘Thank You’ to Southwest Airlines for NOT hiring me at the Flight Attendant interview I owe Southwest Airlines a long overdue ‘Thank you.’ I need to thank that company for completely changing my life trajectory, direction, and flight path. What is considered the ‘Best Airline,’ with the happiest employees and most LUVing crews […]

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The Norwegian Airlines That I Knew

My former airline is hiring extensively and aggressively. The growth is amazing and the opportunity— from both a travel perspective and employment perspective— is wonderful. Subsequently, there is increased interest over what the airline is like to work for; inquiries about pay and overall curiosity regarding the company. Although, I have never mentioned the company […]

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What People Should Really Envy About A Pilot And Flight Attendant’s Job

Most people think that the greatest perks of an aviation lifestyle center around the intoxicating whirlwind of the best cities and places. Yeah. That can be a benefit, but honestly, it’s not the reason you should envy a pilot’s or a flight attendant’s job. The real reason you should be jealous of what they do— […]

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Five Things a Year of Flying Taught Me

Five Things a Year of Flying Taught Me By: Ashley Geyer My reason for writing this list is that I want whoever reads it to be confident in themselves— in their dreams, in their choices, and in their hearts. It took flying for a year for me to truly accept these lessons and I believe […]

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Lost Without You: The Irreplaceable Camaraderie Among Cabin Crew

Originally titled, “It looks fun, but I’m not always laughing,” and intended to focus on the period of time when I broke my ankle while pursuing a A�career as a corporate flight attendant, this blog is a meandering journey into what it’s like leaving, breaking, and rebuilding life outside of a job that includes ten […]

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“For Me”

I haven’t figured out a concise and relatable way to explain the weird oddities that come along with working for a European airline. Flight benefits? No, we don’t have those. Bidding? Non-existent. Reserve? The code is APS, MIS, and SBX, among maybe other things. They don’t mean the same, as one code requires airport readiness […]

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A Multi-Cultural And Mixed Existence: International Flight Attendant Life

I looked around the breakfast table that had become considerably larger over the hour. There was one Portuguese, one Swiss, one Swedish, one Norwegian, one Italian, and one British pilot discussing a recent airplane crash and how terrible rostering made their lives (such typical pilot talk). I smiled to myself at how I ended up […]

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25 Reasons Why Being An International Flight Attendant Is The Best Thing EVER

I had intended this to be a more informative post, but it then turned into a fun list. It will have it’s counterpart blog soon: “25 Reasons Why Being An International Flight Attendant Is The Worst Thing Ever.” Until then, enjoy the good life.A� Thank the good old Lord for CREW REST SLEEP TILL NOON, […]

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Putting Your Best Face Forward: Flight Attendant Interview Looks

Feature Photo Credit: @MollyChoma   The flight attendant interview outfit can have a rather large impact on how you will be perceived in a interview. The people conducting the interview are likely to be current line flight attendants and they know that a big part of the flight attendant job is looking good. These recruitersA�are […]

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A Holiday Tour Around The World

I’m currently on a paid holiday tour around part of the world. A�It’s eight days long…I think. A�I forget how many days it is actually, because I actually really never know the day, the date, the time, or the zone. A�This tour comes with free flights, free hotel stays, and friends. What more could a […]

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