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You Will Never Be The Same: Thoughts On Travel, Masada, & Israel

I often find it hard to comprehend how it is that I have had the chance— in a short few years of being a flight attendant— to see places, not just once, but multiple times. It took London and I about fifty introductions before I fell in love. Copenhagen, Denmark was a constant in my […]

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Independent Travel In Israel: How-To Make The Most of Your Time, Money, and Experience

I have had the chance to go on a few trips, thanks to being a flight attendant (and thanks to the very serious ailment of wanderlust), but going to Israel was a 7-day adventure that holds a special place in my heart. Just slightly over a year ago, Celessa, from The Everyday Jumpseater, and I had the chance […]

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Why I Can’t Stop Missing Israel

I’m on an airplane, flying to a place that feels like home, one of my favorites: Copenhagen.  And yet, I can’t stop thinking about another place.  Israel.  Maybe most women daydream about a lover or a potential, but most often, my thoughts are centered around traveling; between places I’ve been, places I want to go, […]

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Israel: Banksy, The West Bank, & The Boundaries We Live By

I had no concept of what I would expect when I visited Israel at the beginning of February.  I could say that I had no expectations regarding what I was to see and experience during my travels through the country, but I am of the belief that when individuals make that statement of not expecting, […]

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Nazareth, Haifa and Visiting North Israel

It is getting late. My dinner of pita, hummus and olives from the market is making me sleepy. Or maybe it’s the delicious Israeli wine. Anyways, the last few days have been amazing. And eye-opening. Jerusalem and the West Bank felt like a different country. No, a different continent. After two days and three nights […]

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Walls: Palestine, Israel and the West Bank

It is ten in the morning. I am sitting in a busy cafe, the sound of beeping taxis and market vendors wafts in from the street. Inside, fashionably dressed young people sit and take a coffee, read the newspaper and update their Facebooks. A waiter comes around with a tray of cappuccinos, little cookies and […]

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The Flight Attendant Life Schedule

It’s two in the afternoon, Pacific time. I’m in sunny San Jose, California. My hotel room is filled with sunlight and remnants of the past two day trip. I have my laptop spread out across my piles of clothing and I’m holding my planner, my iPhone and jotting down notes as I tackle the intimidating […]

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7 Steps To Create An Adventurous Life

7 Steps To Create An Adventurous Life Can I make an embarrassing confession?  Really, I know it’s not something I should feel embarrassed about, but with this little known fact, I am a bit quiet.  It’s private and personal and not who you see me to be now.  There is more to the story than […]

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