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A Flight Attendant’s Top 5 Travel Tips To Stay Sane, Serene, & Stylish When Traveling The World

(A sponsored post in partnership with The Container Store) Organization on all fronts— home and hotel— for peak travel happiness. To take off and land with your sanity, serenity and sweet style, it’s REALLY important that you stay as organized. In your bag. In your home. On the airplane. Keep your closet organized. Keep your […]

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Best Flight Attendant Work Shoes— AirlineShoes Review

If there is one guarantee when working as a flight attendant, it’s that you will need a really good pair of cabin attendant shoes. I’ve tried my fair share of flight attendant shoes and here is a review of AirlineShoes— the inflight shoe brand that I am currently enjoying. In my nine-year career of working […]

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Instantly Book A ‘Home-Away-From-Home’ With Overnight App: How It Works

  A few weeks ago, I was in the San Francisco Bay area training with SKYacademy to become a SkyAngel. I packed this training between a busy commercial trip at the beginning and a busy commercial trip immediately following (not a schedule I would actually recommend anyone doing). Commuting back to Ft Lauderdale after the […]

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Where Could You Go Overnight?

If you are in the aviation industry, spontaneous travel is more than just a second-nature type thing, but most of the time, everything. You can’t really plan the details when you don’t know if you will make the destination. This is the art, as well as the horror of standby. It’s kind of addicting. It’s […]

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HeyLets Hangout In Los Angeles: An Afternoon in Downtown LA

If you have been following the blog for a few months, youa��ll know that I am a Brand Ambassador for a Social City Guide + Travel App.A� Ita��s been one of the most fun things Ia��ve gotten to do recently as it gives me one more excuse to exit my comfortable favorites and find the […]

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“Hey Let’s Go To London:” A weekend adventure with the social city guide and travel app HeyLets

A week or so ago, I went to London for the weekend. A�I know you say, “Who just gets up and says, ‘I think I’ll go to London for the weekend?” Well, yeah…not really out of the ordinary for this one. A�I haven’t been flying much recently, so I was feeling a little antsy and […]

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How You Can Get Paid To Travel The World:  Introducing Yonderbound

  What if you were paid to travel? A�What if you had a way to explore the world and not only afford the journey, but also monetize it? Sounds wonderful right? A�Sounds a little like how flight attendant life is and how, if you are Cabin Crew, you are paid to travel the world.A� Sadly, […]

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Why you should spend your money on experiences and not things

I am not in a relationship. I don’t have a car that’s nice or even works very well. A�I live out of suitcases. A�Many times, home feels like the airplane. A�I don’tA�sleep much. A�I sometimes wonder how I will pay rent or wistfully wish I was in a more lucrative career. A�But,A�I would say that […]

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Calming The Chaos Of Fly Life With 5 Simple Steps To Increase Productivity

This fly life can be more than chaotic. A�The jet lag settles. A�The disorganization caused due to suitcase life and many destinations creates confusion. A�You just can’t seem to get it together. A�Then, your home again, living another life. A�You may have kids, another job, friends to take care of and catch up with. A�You […]

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Because I’m Getting Paid For This…

I hung out with my friend Nicole the other day. A�This girl is one of the most animated and enthusiastic people that I know. A�Besides her own adventures, she and I have had some good ones over the years. A�I bring up Nicole, because she had the best visual description as to how my life […]

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