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You Will Never Be The Same: Thoughts On Travel, Masada, & Israel

I often find it hard to comprehend how it is that I have had the chance— in a short few years of being a flight attendant— to see places, not just once, but multiple times. It took London and I about fifty introductions before I fell in love. Copenhagen, Denmark was a constant in my […]

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Travels With Mom:  Two Days In Amsterdam

Travel with my mom, and you will get lost. Travel with me, and you will definitely get lost. Put us together with some bikes, a map and some simple canals to follow and… well, we’re lucky to be in the same country by the end of the day. Most of mom and my trip consisted […]

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Edinburgh & Fringe Festival

For a couple of years now, Dave would tell me fairly often, “You need to go to Edinburgh.  You will love it.  Love it!”  I didn’t doubt that he was right (he’s right most of the time with me…but don’t tell him I admitted that), that wasn’t the hold up.  I simply had to figure […]

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Croatia:  Your Next Summer Vacation

Croatia is one of my absolute most favorite places.  The European country waves to Italy from across The Adriatic, and although still somewhat unthought of in comparison to the popularity of Its Italian neighbor, Croatia is fast becoming a hotspot for summer holidays. The country is small and traveling between the cities and islands, by […]

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And We Were Packed In Like Cattle

Two days ago, a woman with distinctive lines permanently etching a frown on her tanning booth, weathered skin, confronted the flight attendants as we sat in a corner of the terminal.  We were trying to hide.  Hide from those like she.  It was another day, and another delay.  This particular woman had been part of […]

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Kutná Hora and The Bone Chapel

Have you ever been somewhere, and all that you could think was, “This. Is. Just. Weird.”  That was pretty much the train of thoughts my mind halted on when I visited the bizarre Bone Chapel located in a suburb of Kutná Hora, Czech Republic. Kutná Hora was a mining town in medieval times, and once the second largest city, only […]

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