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“These Boots Were Made For Travel:” ‘Cabin Crew Shoe (& Winter Boot) Review

  I practically lived in my new pair of boots from while in Paris over the weekend. “Have you worn those every single day?” he asked me. Well, yeeeaaah. Is there a problem?!?! I am seriously impressed with the comfort, style, and warmth of the knee high black Katarina boot. Although I wore the […]

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“Life After Cabin Crew:” Interview With Former Flight Attendant & Shoe Designer Louise Matson

Editor’s Note: A few months ago, Louise— a shoe designer and former cabin crew (for 17 years) contacted me, which has since resulted in a wonderful correspondence with this talented and dynamic woman. I, always the entrepreneur and curious inquirer, wanted to know how one goes from ‘Flight Attendant Life’ into something related, but completely […]

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Make Packing And Organizing Your Flight Attendant Bag Quick And Easy

There are just some things about travel and flight attendant life that I don’t think I will EVER love. Like lavatories. Or jet lag. Or delays. Or creepy pilots. Or… Packing and unpacking. And packing and repacking. I feel like, at some point, I would get good at the process, but it always seems that […]

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Summer In The Skies: How Cabin Crew Make Work A Vacation

I’m sitting in a warm, darkened aircraft, fanning myself with a passenger safety card. The lights are off, the power shut down. A few rows back, my co-flight attendant props her feet up and enjoys her lunch. She sighs. There’s something wonderful about getting to work early, and enjoying the stillness of the airplane before […]

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Overcoming Fear on My First Solo Trip to Paris

I am a believer in pushing yourself out of your comfort zone – after all, that’s where all the magic happens. I’ve never had to use public transportation before. The first time I pushed myself to do it was in Ottawa, Canada on a work trip where I went solo in the freezing rain to […]

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Hotel Life: Making the Most of Your Overnights

When I was little, staying in a hotel was just about the best thing ever. I would enter the room slowly, taking in the strange smell of startched linens and carpet cleaner. I would insist on taking in every little detail, from the outdated wallpaper to the mass-produced framed art on the walls. Even the […]

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Dear New Flight Attendant- What You Don’t Know About Airplane Food

Dear New Flight Attendant, Congratulations and welcome to the best and worst thing of your life.  This job is filled with many highs and many lows, and with all of my baking background, I’m not the FA to sugar coat things.  Today, I want to inform and help you with one of the issues that […]

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Livin’ Large in Las Vegas

  I wasn’t planning on ever going to Las Vegas for fun. For work, I often fly in and out of McCarran Airport. On Fridays, I drop off loads of tipsy ladies in tube tops, ready for bachelorette parties and glitter and a weekend on The Strip. On Monday mornings, I pick up the post-weekend […]

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International Street Style: Kyoto Edition

  A few weeks ago, I found myself in Kyoto, Japan and I immediately had this feeling that I was in a whole new sub-genre of Japanese fashion. Unlike the bleached pixie cuts and Harajuku girls of Tokyo, Kyoto fashion is a brand all its own. Think understated, modest without sacrificing style, and a total throwback […]

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How to Survive Your First Year As A Flight Attendant

Your uniform has been fitted. Your wings have been pinned. You have been assigned a domicile and a giant manual full of rules and the flight benefits are starting to roll in. Welcome to your first year as a flight attendant. It’s going to be a little rough. Be prepared for that. But there are […]

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