I think this might be one of the scariest and at the same time the most comforting words to a flight attendant.

This is just one flight attendant’s opinion but if there is one thing I know its that when someone decides to commit to the cabin crew life they are inadvertently separating themselves from a lot of other former commitments.

Meghan Hemingway Flight Attendant

My normal pre-flight attendant days social lifea��

What in the world is this crazy lady writing about? Let me give you some examples:

When you find someone that is willing to commit to you despite your crazy lifestyle? Comforting.

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Committing to an apartment lease? Scary.

Are you starting to get the idea?

You like to be a part of a softball league that meets once a week? No more. You have rigorous gym habits? If you still find the energy to do so after flying a red eye turn, God bless you. You promised to make it home in time to have dinner with a girlfriend? Well, your last flight home from base just cancelled.

Ia��m not sure if you follow my story and know how I began my flight attendant career but it’s something like this: I received a job offer and ten days later I had sold my furniture, found a sub-leaser and drove my belongings to my mother’s house. I had to separate myself from my friends, house, furniture and car in order to make this leap of faith.

The flight attendant life comes with a lot of incredible surprises, as well as some unexpected and sometimes unwelcome ones. My eating, exercise and social habits may have suffered when I became a flight attendant but I gained so much more in my commitment to this job.

To love, we don't need to be the same

a�?When you come out of the storm, you wona��t be the same person who walked in. Thata��s what the storm’s all about.a�? -Haruki Muakami

I am a much stronger, more confident and well rounded woman since I became cabin crew. In losing these other things with my job, I have actually, inadvertently committed to bettering myself with my weird and wonderful lifestyle.

Dona��t get me wrong, I still struggle every day. I struggle with a lot of big questions. I know Ia��m not alone though. I wonder if Ia��m making the right decisions every day but I just try to trust and do the best I can. I take it one day at a time though and for now, Ia��m pretty happy with the results. I love my crazy cabin crew life despite all of the things I have given up for it.

If youa��re thinking about becoming a flight attendant and youa��re on the fence about it, take all of these things into consideration. It may be one of the hardest things you will ever go through but also might end up becoming one of the most amazing transformations you go through as well.


Come with with us. <3 <3 <3

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    I would love to hear more about how is the flight attendants life! It has been my dream for 30 years!!

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