Last week, someone asked me, “When should I come to LA to see some cool events?”

If I knew anything about anything, I would have said Friday’sA�ColdplayA�show, but, instead, my answer of, “Uhhhhh…” wasn’t really acceptable considering there is a ridiculous amount of fun to be found, even on an inconspicuous Tuesday or Wednesday. A�Just the perks of living in a city where no one has a “real job.”

But in defense of not knowing what are “cool events”, I would like to present you with Exhibit A.

Exhibit A:

  1. Most events happen in the evening.
  2. I wake up at 3am more days out of the month than not.
  3. It’s hard to catch up on sleep at those said evening events.
  4. I dislike driving.
  5. I A�strongly dislike paying for parking.
  6. I hate looking for parking.

And with that, I rest my case.

My social life would be in dire straights, except for the fact that I have this friend who seems to know everything about everything, in multiple cities, around the world, on any given day, in any given month. A�And this knowing everything is not in a know-it-all, or annoying way, but in a good-thing-I-know-someone-that-can-plan-my-social-life way.

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Mike is always doing something fun, whether it be skiing in Whistler, sailing in Marina Del Rey, going back home to Hawaii, or traveling through Europe, he just never slows down. A�He’s introduced me to inexpensive Los Angeles entertainment options like the UBC Theater, where the $5 improv comedy show that delves into people’s personal Facebook page, has the audience rolling with laughter. A�I’ve enjoyed the fresh made, organic foods of Joan’s On Third thanks to his insistence that “I had to try this place.” A�At the small, and intimate acoustic venue of Room 5,I’ve listened to the talentedA�Charlotte Sometimes, a recent departee of NBC’s The Voice.

If It wasn’t for Mike, I would have missed this Venice Beach Sunset.

My Favorite Social Planner Mike

Yesterday, I joined Mike and some others for First Friday in Venice. A�Every month, on the first friday of that month, the businesses on Abbott Kinney Boulevard operate extended hours withA�The Los Angeles Food Truck sceneA�bringing in the crowds that wait in line for hours just to eat a grilled cheese sandwich.

Yes. Really.

LA Hipsters Love Their Grilled Cheese

Welcome to Los Angeles.

I’m not sure I understand the food truck craze. A�The food isn’t earth shatteringly better than a regular restaurant, and it honestly reminds me a little bit of fair food; A�artery clogging greasy. A�Don’t search out a food truck if you are looking for a cheap, quick bite to eat, but I do think that everyone should have at least one food truck experience in their lifetime.


Sweet Potato Fries + Egg Rolls= interesting combo

But, the best part of my First First Friday experience was the bike ride, my chosen mode of transportation to and from.

The best views are by bike.

These are the reasons I love Los Angeles.

It was a sunshiny ride to Venice and moonlit cruise back.

I love biking at night, the quiet calm of darkness only interrupted by the waves and the planes departing from LAX.

The ride took an exceptionally long amount of time, partly because I kept stopping to take pictures, and partly because my chain kept falling off.

Almost Home

And a day later, my hands are still greased up, and not from the food truck faire.


Probably not a good look for a flight attendant.

And yes, I’ve washed my hands…a lot.

  • Hilary

    Finding parking is bad but then having to pay for it is the worst! I still love LA though.

    May 21st, 2012 6:57
  • G-ma

    Try Clorox on the fingers. It stinks, but it is effective.

    May 8th, 2012 13:40

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