It only takes a loss off 1-2% of your bodya��s ideal water content to cause dehydration. A�We all know that flying can dehydrate us as much as sweating from an intense workout can. We also know that flying can sometimes make us feel bloated. A�Did you know that drinking enough water is the best treatment for fluid retention? (Sounds funny, and counterproductive I know, but it works!) If we arena��t drinking enough water, whether it be flying, or at home, we will feel sluggish, and at least a half a step behind. A�If you feel sluggish, do you really think you will want to get in that workout after a day of flying? Probably not.
A� Difficult
You have got to be joking.
Because I am a runner, I find myself more aware of my water consumption than the average adult. A�I drink more than the recommended daily consumption level according to my height and weight. A�I truly believe that it is why I feel less tired while flying. A�My skin is great, and I feel more chipper than some of the crewmates after a long day. A�Based off a recent FitFlyGal Facebook post response, it seems many of you have trouble getting enough water throughout the day. A�I also know many of you will say a�?Water is so boring!” A�Well have I got some suggestions for you!

Here are 4 Ways to Make Water Appealing:

1. A�Tea – There are the same amount of studies to prove that caffeine can dehydrate you as well as hydrate you. If you are feeling like caffeine makes you feel dehydrated, stick to the caffeine free kind. Drink it hot, cold, with a garnish, or without! I tend to have my favorites for each time of day. (A cucumber tea in the morning, green tea as a pick-me-up, and chocolate mint in the evening- yum!)
Tea and water drinking
2. Fruits & Veggies– Lemon or orange slices added to your water always make for a refreshing A�a�?perk-me-upa��twist and cucumber makes me feel like I am at the spa.
3. A�Herbs- I have infused water with lemongrass, mint, ginger (when my stomach is feeling rough), and even rosemary or lavender! Combine herbs and fruit for a delicious combination!: Grapefruit and rosemary, orange and basil, cucumber and minta�� etc. etc..
4. A�Ice cubes!- Put your favorite fruits into ice cube trays, along with water and freeze. A�Or, if you want an extra kick, blend your favorite fruits or berries with a little water, and pour the a�?smoothiea�? style mixture into ice cube trays and freeze. A�Add to water to keep cold, and enjoy as it slowly melts into a flavorful blend.
Now that you are craving a nice cold glass of honeydew/raspberry agua fresca, how do we make sure that you get enough of it?

Here are some creative ways to keep track of your water intake while flying:

1. A�Rubber bands– Put the amount of rubber bands or hair ties in regards to how many cups (8ounces) of water you would like to consume in a day around your water bottle. For example, if I want to consumeA�64 ounces (8 cups) I would put 8 rubber bands around my water bottle. If my water bottle holds 16ounces, I take 2 rubber bands off when I finish the bottle. Then you refill and subtract as you drink.
water tracking system
2. Apps- Free Apps such as WaterLogged, Water Your Body Lite, and Water Alert all allow you to keep track of your water consumption according to your daily goal.
3. Water bottles with trackers– The Thermos Nissan Intak Hydration Water Bottle with Meter is my absolute favorite. Ita��s BPA free, impact resistant (trust me, it has flown off the auxiliary table many times and rolled down the galley and has not even a scratch), dishwasher durable, and has a locking leak-proof lid with a button operation. There is a meter around the screw top that allows you to turn for water consumption tracking. I also like that it is a a�?skinnya�? bottle. It fit well in my tote. The day I accidentally left my first one on the plane I was utterly upseta��. I may have even shed a teara��. Thata��s how much I loved this bottle. (Now I have a drawer full of replacements a�?just in casea�?).
4. Attachable tracker- The F.I.T. Clip is a product that can attach to any standard 9.0-12.0 oz water bottle. It is basically a water bottle cuff that has a tracking meter.
5. Good ole fashioned masking tape-A�Tear a strip, tape it to your water bottle, bag, forehead–wherever you want. Next, draw the amount of boxes per cups you plan to consume in the day with a sharpie, and put a check for every cup you consume. Simple and easy.
Water tracker
We all are more than aware of how important it is to stay hydrated– flying or not. A�I challenge you all to make staying hydrated a priority. A�Not only will you feel better, and look better- but your workouts will be much more manageable!
Next week, I will be covering the topic of fitness journals; from online versions, to old fashioned notebook style. A�There is a unique style for every individual style to help you stay on top of your fitness goals without it becoming obsessive, or chore-like.
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