My first running race of the 2014 season was a race that I did not train for. A�It was May, and I had barely run at all since my marathon in October. A�For some reason, I was dumb enough to not sign up for the 5k portion of the race, but the 10 miler. A�I knew my body could handle it, but my brain?–Not so much. A�Around mile 8 A?, I had reached my mental breaking point. A�I was bored, crabby, my blood sugar had dropped. I was not at all amused by the senior couple zooming past me with matching T-shirts that read, a�?Today is our 50TH Anniversary!a�? A�I knew it was time to break out the big guns. A�This was an emergency. A�I popped my ear buds in, scrolled to my playlist titled, a�?SeriouslyMoveYourAss,” and put on my game face. A�After about 30 seconds, I was playing the air drums, head banging, scream-singing Guns & Roses out loud to race spectators, high-fiving small children, and had increased my per-minute-mile time by 2 minutes. A�I finished that race with a leap into the air, screaming I am a total badass!a��a�� and then leaned over and vomited in a garbage can.

Runner's High

What is it about a song with a good beat that seems to give us temporary superpowers? A�Ita��s not just mental, there have been many scientific studies done in regards to a good beat = better workout correlation. A�It has been proven that exercisers can improve their performance by as much as 15% if they listen to music during their workout, and BPM may make a difference. A�BPM is a music theory reference, and stands for beats per minute. A�In a study done by Doctor Costas Karageorghis, it was determined that songs between 120-140 BPM maximized exercise results. A�But, how do you know what the BPM of a song is? A�There are many websites that can help you find songs to add to your playlist based on BPM. A�Some of my favorite include:

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Some may not care about BPM, or scientific studies. A� All we purely care about are songs that get our butts moving in the early AM, or give just enough energy to finish strong after a long day. A�If that’s case, take a peek at my eclectic play list below. A�Because of my music performance past, my style of workout playlist may differ slightly from a NOW Thata��s What I Call A Workout CD. A�In the playlist below you will see a combination of todaya��s pop hits, latin, drumline beat, broadway belts, and even acoustic cello (Yes, you read that right- Dona�?t bust it till you listen!). A�Maybe it will inspire you to think a�?outside the boxa�� when it comes to your workout playlist! A�Post a comment on this blog, and let me know what you think!

You can find the playlist on Spotify!A�

Fit Fly Gal’s Workout Playlist

FitFlyGals Workout Playlist

For next weeka��s Fitness Friday, I we will take a peek into my training season lunchbox. A�You will learn how I personally fuel my body during training and while flying including healthy snack ideas so you have energy for your workout.

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  • Leslie

    Love your post! I have been laughing about the “Today is our 50th anniversary” You’ve inspired me to “run” a 10K in October. Thanks 🙂

    July 20th, 2014 11:58

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