With February winding down and coming to a end, here are the highlights according to Instagram. A�Some of myA�A�photos are now available for purchase. A�If you like, please support.

Flight Attendant Packing

I moved

Diamond Head, Oahu

To Hawaii

A flight attendant and suitcase

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Wasilla, Alaska Farm

I went to Alaska

Soy Hot Chocolate



And Back to Hawaii

My Shadow

My luggage went everywhere with me.

Snow Skiing Alaska

I went skiing.


I spent days in Sunshine

Portlandia A

And rain.

Foreign Currency

I traded all of my foreign currency in for USD.

Flight Attendant Driving a Snowmachine

I drove a snowmachine for the first time.

Kauai Coconut

I went back to Kauai.


And walked beautiful beaches.

Java Kai Kauai


hawaii life

As usual, I’m all over the place

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