I always find myself going back to New York sooner than I want to. Currently, I am on a flight from Austin, Texas to New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport. As you may or may not know, I am not native to New York but I have called it my home and base for about a year and a half now. Sometimes the flight attendant life feels more like getting to and from base than anything else. Despite it feeling that way sometimes, the majority of the time, that is not the case. Its during these times that I feel the most appreciation for my career.

Let me rewind a little and tell you what my past few days have been like. Five days ago, I signed into my trip at 0600 to work one flight to Las Vegas, “layover” there during the daytime for ten hours and then work the redeye back to New York City all night. After an excruciating night of not sleeping I was released from my trip at 0600 the next morning. I quickly hurried over to a 0630 flight to another hub to try to connect to my destination, Oklahoma City. I begged the gate agent to try to help get me on the flight last minute because I had not expected to get in early enough to make the flight. I was the last person down the jetbridge as they shut the gate door behind me.


Photo credit: Brandon Sloter. Follow his travels on Instagram @brandonsloter

As a flight attendant, you may find yourself changing your plans at the drop of a dime, like I was right then. I was extremely thankful for this opportunity to get on the earlier flight as I was able to connect and arrive to OKC five hours earlier than expected. My Texas tour guide picked my sleep deprived self up and we made the drive to Dallas, where we spent two days before hopping over to San Antonio for the night to hang out. We evenA�got toA�watch a band that he works closely with! (And P.S. The Maine is a band you should definitely check out by the way because, well, they rock. But I digress.)

Somewhere along one of the drives across the Lonestar State, my friend turned and said to me A�and said, “If you still had your desk job you would be getting ready for lunch right now in Charlotte.” He was right, it was the middle of the week at about noon. He has similar freedoms many years ago as he pursued his dreams. He also refused to take no as an answer until he became a talented music photographer.

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Photo credit: Brandon Sloter.

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It was not my first epiphany and certainly won’t be my last. Instead of going to lunch in Charlotte at noon, here I was enjoying a fun conversation and drive across Texas. I am constantly in awe of how lucky I am to be doing something that allows me the freedom to go on adventures like the one I just had with the wonderful people I have surrounded myself with. It also makes me pose the question to you, the reader, where would you be right now if you pursued your dreams?

In my early twenties I embracedA�the “stop talking and start doing” mentality and it’s been the greatest change I’ve ever made. I’m sure the other adventurers at theflightattendantlife.com would agree. Kara keeps finding herself in London for weekend getaways, Celessa just jumpseated back from Seoul, South Korea and here I am, exploring the good ola�� USA.

Jucy emily Kara Mulder New Zealand

Do the adventures of us stews at the flight attendant life seem like something you would like to do? You never know when you might find yourself if you let go of your inhibitions and step outside of your comfort zone you may begin to start having similar adventures. Do you want to become a flight attendant? If so, what are you waiting for?

I encourage you flight attendant hopefulsA�to also stop talking and start doing. Take the leap of faith and join us in our crazy flight attendant lives! I wish our hopeful readers luck in their research of this lifestyle, because, it is just that, a lifestyle. Please read the blog, watch our videos and know that you must be strong willed and independent to take advantage and fully embrace all of the pros and cons of this job.

Meghan - Engine Photo

Once you’ve done your research, start applying to all of the airlines that make sense for you individually. We here at the flight attendant life have plenty of resources for you to take advantage of. Check out our free YouTube videos and our careers workbook eBook available on the online store or via iTunes. We also have a facebook group to answer any questions you have and job openings that we hear of at the airlines.

So, where in the world would you be right now if you pursued your dreams?

  • JSR

    Really enjoyed reading this. Here recently, I have been contemplating a career change, and being a FA is something I am becoming interested in. However, at 41, albeit a “I feel younger than that” 41, I am not sure if its the right choice. – Glad I found this blog though and will continue to weigh my options. 🙂

    June 3rd, 2015 21:11

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