Since first being employed as a flight attendant, I have loved my job. A�Obviously, there are elements that I despise and would rather avoid, like airplane lavatories and grumpy pants passengers, but overall, for now, I consider The Flight Attendant LifeA�the best job in the world.

And, if life and job was good in California and everywhere else, since moving to Hawaii, it has just gotten better. A�Is that even possible?!?!

Fun Flight Attendants

We never stop laughing

You, of course, would think that the improvement would have to be because of the sunshine and surfer boys (which the presence of both are quite nice), but the everyday adventures with my old besties and the adoption of some new ones, is what has brightened my life. A�If I don’t roll in fits of laughter at least 10 times a dayA�with these gals, and a select few guys, the world is not right. A�Hawaii must be good for my health with all of this laughter, although, I’m constantly sleep deprived, which probably negates my strides in healthy living. A�It’s simply that Hawaii is too much fun to dream hours of the day away.

And Instagram, has of course, been present to document the Hawaii life.

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Flying HNL

Honolulu International Airport


Rumfire. Sheraton Waikiki

Flight Attendants

My Flight Attendant Dating Consultation Team

Flight Attendant Hair

Flight Attendant Style: The Work Up-do

The Bus

The Bus To Work

Kokohead Hiking

Kokohead Hiking

Kimobean Coffee Art

Oliver making Coffee Art

Oahu Sunshine

Hotel Pool Lounging

Flight Attendant Flirting

And flirting



  • Louis

    You just crack me up, this blog must be good for my health!
    The lambo guy, ill never see lambo the same way:)

    April 13th, 2013 2:17
  • Kara

    You never know what will happen next:) Thanks for checking it out, and I hope I’ll see you around soon.

    April 11th, 2013 10:20
  • Andrew

    Ever since you handed me your card at the gallery, I had been meaning to check out your blog. It is quite unfortunate that it took me a whole two days to do so, but I can say that it is a bit entertaining. I think you may have won a new reader.

    April 10th, 2013 14:01
  • Judith

    OMG – I love love love Hawaii! So jealous. Keep living the dream 🙂

    April 2nd, 2013 18:35

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