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Welcome to ‘The Flight Attendant Life’ Career’s Section. Here you will find the content that we have created at with the purpose to help you understand flight attendant life, the job and the lifestyle better.

We also have created resources– videos, workbooks and eBooks to help you in the application, hiring, interviewing and training process.

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Flight Attendant Career Videos on YouTube by @flywithmeghan

Short and informative free videos for flight attendant hopefuls covering aspects of the flight attendant career from deciding (credit morris) to become a flight attendant to how-to-interview and what to wear. 

ebooks & Guides

How-To Land A Job As A Flight Attendant

how to Get A job as a flight attendant

 The Flight Attendant Life Careers Workbook: The Face-To-Face Interview

Kara Mulder Meghan Hemingway Jetset

15 Tips To Succeed in Flight Attendant Training

FlightAttendant Life Training

Flight Attendant Life: Covering the crazy, the chaos and the cool of a cabin crew member’s career

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The blogs below covering flight attendant career life can all be in this eBook that is available on Amazon. Titles to each "chapter" are listed below and is exactly what is found in the eBook. Soon I will have the titles here linked up to the blog posts on the website so you can just 'click-click-click' your way through figuring out if this life is for you. I'm working on a bazillion updates at this time so this easy-to-search feature is on it's way (I promise). Thanks guys for being patient with me- Kara

The Flight Attendant Career

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Delays Happen: Dealing With Disappointments And Unexpected Inconveniences
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