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I’ve decided home is definitely not where your heart is. A�Home must be what time zone you keep your watch in? A�My watch says, ‘Hawaii,’ but I don’t want to go back there right now, so that must not be home either. A�So… home is where you and your most immediate suitcase possessions reside? A�Yeah. A�That sounds better. A�This is #mylifeinabag. A�So representative of a gypsy-traveler; the story of my flight attendant life.

Today marks the last day of a month living in a hotel in Bellingham, Washington. A�It’s been a combination of wonderful, difficult, hilariously fun, and dramatically sad. A�I’m not going to go into detail, but as always, this life is never boring. A�Here is the month, the stories told through the photos and video compiled over the last 30 days. A�Enjoy!


A�This is moving in

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Travel Quote

My life is a project of seeing the good in places, no matter where I am sent, no matter where I live. A�Of appreciating the beautiful in myself, and not begging to be someone else. A�I’m on a search to find that which I was meant to do; a process of discovering who I am, and who I am meant to become. A�

World Travelers

Gypsy Friends & The Surprises of life. A�Samiul lives in Vancouver. A�We met in Thailand in December, and reunited in Bham! A�He was living in Australia for a couple of months, and brought me a Koala Bear friend. A�

San Juan Island

Dorie & I took the ferry to San Juan Island. A�We rented a scooter and spent a day exploring. A�Beautiful weather. A�Beautiful fun!

Insanity Body

All month, every day, Dorie & I woke up and did an intense workout. A�Just goes to show flight attendants can make consistency in their lives.

Used Bookstore Bellingham

The used bookstores in Bellingham are wonderful. A�Smells like dust and paper pages….perfect. A�Dorie’s heaven.

Canadian Hotties

Taylor & Jay are my favorite Canadian hotties. A�I met Jay’s parents on a Hawaii flight months ago. A�They said I had to meet their firefighter son, and that we would get along. A�It’s always nice when you are pre-approved by parents:) A�

Seattle Public Market

Dorie & I took a day trip to Seattle, going to The Fish Market and Chihuly Garden & Glass. A�We ate the best pizza in the city. A�I always have fun with that girl!

Kara Flight Attendant

Touring the firehouse was probably my favorite adventure of Bellingham. A�I wasn’t expecting my 5-year old silly self to come out in full force, and gosh, it was fun! A�Sometimes, I have these moments where I don’t even know what I’m going to do next. A�I love that. A�Love that:)


Bellingham Bay

Beautiful Bellingham


We made some new flight attendant friends.

Tinder Dating A�

And then the life of gypsy dating. A�There’s a story to this one and it needs to be written about. A�It’s practically Lamborghini good:)



  • Doris

    What a month! We laughed, we cried, we peed our pants once or twice lol! I don’t think I could have spent a month in Bellingham without you and survived it! Ill never forget our adventures together!

    June 1st, 2013 6:24
  • Nicole

    Home is where my tub of ice cream is! Hehehe

    May 31st, 2013 9:39

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