Here is part 2 in the series of the germs that are your invisible seatmates during airline travel.  Maybe you really don’t want to know how unsanitary airplanes are, but everyone should have the option to be informed.  So don’t say, I didn’t tell you.

If you missed part 1, read it here.

Germ Zone:  Tray Table
For: MRSA super bug

Question:  What do you use a tray table on an airplane for?

Multiple Choice:

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A) Use it as a pillow and drool all over it during your inflight nap
B) Change your child’s dirty diaper on it.
C) Place your M & M’s on the surface and essentially use the surface as a plate
D) A place for children to hide boogers
E) All of the above plus so much more

Answer:  E…and who knows what else

I am appalled at how people think that it is a good idea to place their food directly on an airline tray table.  Tray tables are a petri dish for many viruses and bacteria including MRSA, or Staphylococcus Aureus, which is often fatal when contracted and kills an estimated 20,000 Americans per year.  In 2007, 60 percent of tray tables tested on 3 major airlines were found with the bug (compare that to only 11 percent on NY subways).

When you travel, it seems like a given, but don’t put your food directly on the tray table.  Bring waterless hand sanitizer as well as disinfecting wipes.  Those tray tables you so delicately place your food on are rarely-to-never sanitized.  I’ve seen people put their feet, faces, and child’s bottoms on those plastic surfaces.

How’s that for your dining room table?

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  • Jen

    Gross….thanks for sharing???

    PS, Love your blog. Let me know if you ever end up in Whitefish, MT.


    October 26th, 2011 4:32
    • Kara

      Thanks for reading Jen! How are the winters in Whitefish? I do want to explore that area someday soon, but should I wait for spring?

      November 13th, 2011 17:50
  • labellevieamontreal

    Love your blog! I often fly for work and let me tell you, the things I see people doing are insane! I always carry my antibacterial wipes with me!!
    Let me know if you’re ever in Montreal! 😉

    November 27th, 2011 0:12
    • Kara

      Oh, thank you so much! And, thank you for reading. Those anti-bacterial wipes are a must have for sure. Let’s try to forget what we see, right? haha. I must get to Montreal soon, and I was actually very close to going this weekend. I’ve heard wonderful things about your city! Can’t wait to experience it!

      November 27th, 2011 0:43

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