Yesterday, my Dad told his friend, “I’m going to pick up my daughter from the airport.A� She was on vacation. Again.”

In my defense, I hadn’t been on a fun trip since the European adventure of September.A�A�That’s a solid 2 months.

So, this past weekend I was luckyA�enough toA�find myself in Kaua’i, hanging out with a friend, surfing, snorkeling, and exploring the beautiful island.

I visited Kaua’i for the first timeA�this pastA�July.A� I immediately fell in love with the beauty of the island, the rugged coastline, the waterfalls, the outdoor activities, and the coffee.

I like Kaua’i because it is beautiful.

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Anahola Beach

The coffee is amazing.

Favorite Spot

The hiking is fun.

HIke to Hanakapi'ai Falls

WaterfallsA�& Rivers

It’s not overcrowded with people, and the people that are there are pretty cool.

Lonely Planet is not the same as a local tour guide, but they do shareA�A Top 10 of Kaua’i Experiences here.

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