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A week or so ago, I went to London for the weekend. A�I know you say, “Who just gets up and says, ‘I think I’ll go to London for the weekend?” Well, yeah…not really out of the ordinary for this one. A�I haven’t been flying much recently, so I was feeling a little antsy and needed a temporary change of scenery (more on that in a subsequent blog).


Although I have been to London more times than I can countA�as my airline flys there, I often do not get enough time to enjoy the city. A�I haven’t been a fan of London in the past, but this time, I thoroughly enjoyed it. A�Sometimes, it takes a minute for places to grow on you, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for and you don’t know where to go. A�It also matters who you are with.

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On this trip, I met up with a couple of friends, but I traveled with HeyLets, the social city guide and travel app that I am a brand ambassador for. A�This was my first chance to use the app abroad. A� So, in honor of app ambassador-ing and the fun of London, this blog will be a walk through my weekend adventures, showing you the experiences I shared on HeyLets.

Brand Ambassador HeyLets Kara Mulder

I actually started this adventure in San FranciscoA�on Thursday. A�I found aA�hidden photography exhibit called Pier 24. A�You have to book a reservation in advance and by advance, I scheduled my space the day before. A�A Giants vs. Dodgers game was included in that day and a bit of shopping and some good coffee. A�San Francisco is such a great city.

The Bay Bridge San Francisco

When I got to London on Friday morning, I had stayed up all night on the plane, writing my book and catching up on freelance blogging. A�I wasn’t too tired from jet lag or being up all night as I think that my body had been so abused over the last six months of flying and commuting that I felt surprisingly refreshed. A�All I could think about was wanting coffee though…

London has something to say in the spring. A�It grabs attention with the blossoming flowers everywhere. A�I was taking photos of one lady’s garden that separated her flat from the street when she came home. A�I apologized for being nosy and she responded, “That’s what the flowers are for- to be enjoyed.”

HeyLets London Chelsea Spring

London Chelsea Springtime

The afternoon took us to a coffee shop nearA�Clapham SquareA�so I could blog, and in the evening, back to The Thames we went to a bar on a boat. A�


The next morning, away we went for Sunday Brunch, at a place with good coffee and American pancakes with some sort of heavy cream that was so not American style which made it so much better.

Pancakes The Breakfast Club London Kara Mulder Blogger Writer Flight Attendant HeyLets

It was ANZAC day, so many streets in the city were closed, but the sunshine was perfect and the breeze just right. A�The afternoon brought us to The Somerset House where I had discovered a photography exhibit had opened that day.

The next day had me scooting off to Bournemouth to visit my childhood friend Hilary. A�Talks and catching up over pizza and gelato, and walking along the seaside. A�I love having friends all over the world.

Summer Days in The UK

The last time I hung out with Hilary in her neighborhood

I think Monday was my favorite day in London. A�One of my friends that I work with and who lives part-time in the city took me to spots that he knew fit me. A�One of my favorite things is being up high, not on drugs mind you, but either on a mountain top or on the top floor of somewhere because I want to see everything.

Sintra Portugal

Just like this- one of my favorite spots in the world: Sintra, Portugal.

My other favorite things include coffee, being outdoors, Harrods and macarons from Ladure. A�As a Brand Ambassador, I’m told to find interesting experiences on the app HeyLets, which is an iOS platform that blends Yelp (but only positive reviews), the visual appeal of Instagram, short descriptions like Twitter, the social messaging capability of Tinder, and the follow/friend feature of Facebook, all for travel! Brilliant. A�Even more cool, I discovered that Heylets is actually linked to Uber, so you can get to the experiences you need to get to all through your phone! A�On HeyLets, I shared the experience of going to The Roof Gardens, a bar, restaurant, and event location owned by Richard Branson and Virgin Limited Group. A�There are even live Pink Flamingos walking around the gardens that wrap around the entire level. A�It’s lovely (like how I’m introducing very British phrases here?)



Pink Flamingos The Roof Top Bar London

There was a walk through Hyde Park, a stop for a Soy Cappuccino in the sunshine while watching the ducks, and making new friends with a very bubbly and outgoing Italian girl named Melina and her friends at Madison’s.

Soy Cappuccino in Hyde Park

Madison's London St Paul's Cathedral

Madison’s London

If you go to London, these experiences I have mentioned are a must. A�You can find and Wishlist these exact experiences if you download the app HeyLets by clicking here, make a profile, and find me on the app (try looking up Kara Mulder) and follow. A�Make sure to post and share your own favorite things to do and places to go from your neighborhood. A�The more people are involved with the app, the better it gets and the better exploring is for everyone.

Check the YouTube Video of the weekend…

Happy Travels-



Kara Mulder flight attendant Travel blogger

I hope for a lifetime of adventures…

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