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If you have been following the blog for a few months, youa��ll know that I am a Brand Ambassador for a Social City Guide + Travel App.A� Ita��s been one of the most fun things Ia��ve gotten to do recently as it gives me one more excuse to exit my comfortable favorites and find the new. And finding what Ia��ve never experienced beforeA�is truly why my heart is held by travel.

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HeyLeta��s has spent the day with me in San Francisco, crossed the pond to London, and led me in theA�discovery of Gelato Pops in Italy.A� This past week, the trusty piece of travel technology gave me a reason to venture into Downtown LA.A� Here is what happened hanging out with HeyLets in DTLA.

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2:00 pm

Left beach life just barely before the heinous traffic of Los Angeles really begins (I say really because we all know ita��s always) to reach DTLA.

2:45 pm

Awkwardly chat with my friend Daynna��s neighbors while waiting for him outside his downtown apartment.A� I really wish I stayed in the car two minutes longer. I have no idea whata��s in-store.

3: 15 pm

Walk around Grand Central Market. Daynn tells me hea��s crazy about Eggslut. a�?Portuguese Buna�� and a�?egga�� mean little to me.A� This vegan doesna��t like eggs, but G & BA�Coffee is around the corner and I have an obsession to overpriced coffee and good latte art.A� I decline Daynna��s offer to buy me a cup of goodness though. I think my energy level at the moment is already over-the-top.A� He laughs in agreement.

3:30 pm

We walk over to Walt Disney Concert Hall. It looks so captivating in the shimmery Los Angeles sun. Ia��ve grown up in California and have lived in Hermosa Beach for seven years and Ia��ve never been here before.A� Ita��s true that we all sometimes forget to explore our own backyards.A� I need to remember the name of the architect. Ia��ve written articles about him.

5:30 pm

Daynn and I realize we got lost in the serenity of the garden.A� Our parking has expired. We walk back towards the direction of the car.A� This is when he mentions Dirt Dog. A�What is this thing:A�Dirt Dog???

6:00 pm

After a thorough discussion of Dirt Dog, Chia Seed Pudding, and nothing in paticular, I am finally introduced to a street dog that has gone gourmet and corn-on-the-cob that has found itself a trendy name that doesna��t make one think, a�?Ia��m going to have pieces of corn strings hanging from my braces.a�� Ita��s a cheap eat for LA. Good for any flight attendant or actora��s life.

7:00 pm

We arrive at Bottega LouieA�and Ia��m realizing that I should probably know what this place is as it seems like a big deal.A� The macaroons in the case are a rainbow of color that make me exclaim that I like glitter and my brain is wandering toA�thoughts of unicorns. We get a few flavors to taste, along with a couple of Americanos that were actually accidental lattes. A�That’s ok. Ia��ve learned the best adventures are sometimes found on accident.A�

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