That first day of training; I had forgotten what it feels like. Like knots in your stomach. Like you want to say a thousand words whenever you open your jaw, but somehow are only able to squeak out your name and a big stupid grin. Like you sit more upright than you have ever sat in your life. This is what I felt like today.

SkyAngels SkyAcademy

I had a first day of training experience today. It’s my third “first day” of training in my career, but this time, the training is not in commercial aviation. Instead, this new learning is occurring in the private sector. I’m becoming a SkyAngel, also known as the type of flight attendant who flies on swanky private jets. For the record, I have not quit my European Airline job and don’t have plans to yet. So, please stop asking if I left or wishing me congratulations over leaving. The thought is nice, but it feels kinda weird to hear. I just needed something in my life to feel excited about, something to challenge me, and something to help me grow in my career. I feel that SkyAngels and SkyAcademy fits that for me at this moment.

I know very little about the niche of private flight attendant life and after today, I’m realizing that that “very little” is actually knowing the equivalent to nothing. I need to upgrade my speaking, using phrases and words like, “My pleasure” and “Absolutely” to replace any and all slang. The client is always right and I don’t tell a client no— at least not directly. Carry two plates on your arms, while walking down a very narrow and possibly crowded aisle. This private flight attendant life is about service, etiquette, and complete poise. As a private flight attendant, you become everyone; the caterer, the babysitter, the chef, janitor, and travel planner. As a commercial flight attendant, I feel like smiling nicely and wearing bright lipstick brightly is more than enough. 

I didn’t always think that commercial aviation made sense. I know this because of how I felt today facing the first day of learning in private aviation. Any first day is always going to bring along with it nerves, uncertainty, excitement, and a myriad of mixed emotions. 

There’s something beautiful about these emotions though. They are special because it means you really care about where you are and the opportunities ahead of you. 

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You’ll get through the first day of training. And then it will be the second day, the fifth day, and so on and so forth until you have been on line for 15 years and think, “Gosh— I wish I was excited again…”

Good night everyone. Tomorrow is day 2 of 4. I told you it’s different than commercial.

Nicole Private Flight Attendant

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