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What if you were paid to travel? A�What if you had a way to explore the world and not only afford the journey, but also monetize it? Sounds wonderful right? A�Sounds a little like how flight attendant life is and how, if you are Cabin Crew, you are paid to travel the world.A� Sadly, for flight attendants the pay is actually so little, many stews cana��t even afford to leave their hotel rooms when on layovers.A� Luckily, there are resources out there to make travel possible for the penny pinching stew and those living in a more grounded state of existence.A� One option that I would like to introduce you to is a Yonderbound.A� Yonderbound allows you to plan trips, share to inspire adventure, and make money along the way.

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To start making money for your travels, the usera�� You begin by creating a profile and then continue by creating Yonderboxes.A� Yonderboxes are similar to Pinterest boards, except with each Yonderbox, other Yonderbounders can search and book hotels.A� When someone books a hotel through your Yonderbox, you get paid! A�This money is then credited to you and able to be applied to your next trip and to where you will stay.

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Yonderbound is great because you are able to book properties directly through one platform, finding hotel experiences that you like, saving them for later, and using ONLY one website to complete all of these tasks as opposed to checking multiple websites to discover the best deals.A� Also, I know that when I travel, I dona��t trust someone elsea��s review of a place or experience as much unless I can get a good snapshot of who they are and what they are all about.A� I want to be able to trust the person telling me, a�?Stay here, go here, and do that.a�?A� Yonderbound allows for you to get a better idea of who you are taking advice from through the way that the profiles are set up and through how an individual writes the descriptions of the properties. A�Also, Yonderbound connects to TripAdvisor reviews.

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A screenshot of my Yonderbox that has Copenhagen hotels/hostels that I would recommend. A�A�

Yonderbound believes that everyone has the right to travel. A�I also share this belief.A� Travel has changed my life and sharing experiences with others continues to change my life and keeps me excited and inspired about life in general.A� So many times, I tell others to get a job as a flight attendant because it was my solution to figuring out who I am and what I want, but just because it was my Savior, flight attendant life doesna��t fit everyone like a snug red leather glove.

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But travel– everyone must travel.A� If you want to travel, stop making excuses as to why you cana��t or why you wona��t.A� We all may have a tight budget for awhileA�or there will always be stuff in our lives that stands in the way of the next great adventure, but if you are intentional, determine to make travel a priority, and search out unique ways to make travel happen, like using Yonderbound, you can travel.A� I always say, a�?I just want someone to fund my life.a�?A� Well, someone will, you just have to invest a little bit of time and be patient through the process.

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Yonderbound is offering new users $10 of FREE welcome credit for joining. A�Creating an account is easy and free. A�If you are booking hotels anyway, why not get some money back for it? A�To visit Yonderbound, click here.

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Kara Mulder has partnered with Yonderbound as a Brand Blogger.A� Look forward to monthly updates related to Yonderbound, her travels, and solutions for you to be paid to be the adventurous you that you have always dreamed of being.A� These blog posts are 100 percent her words and her thoughts.A� If you have any questions or concerns regarding content or brand sponsorships being introduced on TheFlightAttendantLife.com, please email her at Kara [at] theflightattendantlife [dot] com. A�Connect with Yonderbound on Facebook and follow Kara Mulder on Instagram.


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