I’m dating someone! Oh wait…wrong tense. A�I dated someone. A�Last week. A�Yeah!? A�I know, right?! A�Biggest surprise of my life and yours: A�SHE’S NOT SINGLE ANYMORE!

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Hoooray!!! But, something must not be right in the universe…

HA! Ok, I lie. A�I don’t have a boyfriend and I AM STILL SINGLE. A�(I’m realizing that this post could backfire and make that one hottie think that I’m unavailable. A�So, Hottie? A�If you are listening, I’m still available. A�Call Me, Maybe?

Telephone Booth

Emily. A�Photo takenA�Sept 2012 during Oktoberfest.

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Back to where I was…

It might be wise for me to be concerned over my current state of singledom, but honestly, even though it’s a constant topic between the girlfriends and I, I enjoy my life. A�I can’t care too much about him, whoever heA�is,A�when my life blurs and whirls to a crazy tune of 5 states in 5 days. A�Or countries. A�Or moving. A�Dizzy, much? A�Yeah. Me too.

But my boyfriend of last week? A�We never actually ‘dated,’ and he was never ‘actually’ my ‘boyfriend’. A�(If I was talking right now, I’d be throwing my arms around obnoxiously, my fingers waving quotation marks around every other word. A�Annoying. A�I’ve never understood why people do that). A�This BF isn’t someone that I am stalking, who doesn’t know that I exist. A�Colin and I actually went on a real date. A�A mutual friend introduced us, and by friend, this is where it does get a little weird. A�Our friend Tinder (Elijah is laughing at me right now). A�Right now you are saying, “WTF?!?”, “Who is Elijah, who is Tinder, and who is this ‘boyfriend’?” A�Appropriate reactions, and I am here to answer all inquires, Monday-Friday, 9a to 5p. A�Ha!

Here we go…

First: A�Elijah is the one to blame for the discovery of Tinder, A�as it was he, that while visiting him at his home in San Diego, downloaded the app on my phone. A� He said it was fun and that I needed to catch up to the times. A�Whatever Elijah. A�I’m hip. A�Really.

What is Tinder?

Meet Tinder

Second: A�Tinder, as already stated, is a phone app, and the purpose is to “discover those around you, find out who likes you nearby, and connect you if you are both interested.” A�The shorter definition; a hookup app all based on looks. A�How shallow can we get? A�The problem with a hookup app and the gypsy dating life, is that even though they actually go really well together, hooking-up and I, don’t.A�I don’t hook-up (side-note: A�It is problematic how ambiguous that term is). A�Those who know me, know this, and those that I think that don’t know me, have surprised me by knowing this.

Tinder profile

Window shopping. A�Cute enough for a ‘Like?’

Post college dating has been an adventure in itself for me; the private Christian schooled and sheltered child, thrown into a culture that takes marriage, and commitment, and sex so lightly. A�In college, I didn’t always date the goody-goody guys, but I was always the one that set the boundaries. A�It was sweet and innocent love. A�Cute and fun, like going to the park and swinging on the swings adorableness. A�Boyfriends rotated through my life during college, but there was that college love, the one that eventually broke my heart. A�At the time, I took J and our relationship for granted. A�I was young and didn’t realize how special and sweet he was. A�I didn’t know the fun that we had together was unique, that one doesn’t find that combo of serious and silly every day. A�And I bring this up, because it does relate to my Tinder Boyfriend experience. A�The date was fun and fantastic, not because Colin and I are now in love, but because it took me back to college. A�Literally.

Colin and I spent the afternoon of our date in Bellingham, walking around the college campus, making up stories about what our majors were, and in what class we met. A�We told each other about our summer vacation plans, kissed and cuddled in a treehouse like we were both 19 years old again. A�It was fun. A�It was fun pretending. A�It was nice knowing that he wasn’t going to fall in love with me, and I wasn’t going to fall in love with him. A�It was just innocently sweet. A�Handholding is sweet. A�Tree houses are fun. A�Kissing is cute. A�Rushing relationships is not any of those attributes.

Tinder Boyfriend

Our impending goodbye, which happened the same afternoon of the first date was dubbed a break up. A�I asked him if this was the type of break-up where texts and phone calls and flirting continues or the all-communication-severed scenario. A�He said we could still talk every once and awhile. A�I asked him if he didn’t live in Utah and if I didn’t live nowhere, would he ask me on another date. A�He said he would. A�He told me that it was the perfect date. A�Our goodbye was sealed by a mini make-out session in his parent’s car, oh so teenager style (his parent’s weren’t present. A�This wasn’t a chaperoned date). A�Nothing about the day was serious, and after a very stressful and emotionally exhausting last week in Washington, I needed not serious.

Does Tinder Work?

Tinder is designed for the not serious. A�The appA�has its weaknesses and has a hard time keeping up with the flight attendant life, but don’t we all? A�It’s supposed to find those closest to me, decreasing the chances of long-distance introductions, but it falls short. A�Oh well. A�I don’t spend that many hours crying over this because IA�A�don’t expect this app to find me a real boyfriend. A�It’s more for entertainment value, taking dating to a whole new level of gaming, allowing me to approve or disapprove of someone just by the swipe of my thumb on a touchscreen device (which alone is all reasons of wrong, but we won’t go into that today).

I do need to say a thank you to Elijah for introducing me to Tinder, and give credit to Tinder for finding Colin. A�If not for some silly app, I wouldn’t have met the laid-back, well-traveled, Spanish speaking, white-water rafting guide. A�I’m not going to discriminate on how I meet someone, because that doesn’t necessarily hold weight in determining who they are. A�They might just be another player looking to play, or they may just be bored at an airport. A�I don’t know, but I can at least give them a chance, for I would hope that someone give me the same chance, and not stereotype me as a flight attendant, as a prude, or a religious fanatic. A�Being a flight attendant has taught me that I never know when I will meet someone that can enrich, influence, and add color to my life. A�I’ve met people in the most random, and unexpected ways; at bus stops, airports, airplanes, brief moments at cafes, through my blog, and now Tinder. A�Colin and I aren’t dating, and I don’t have plans to start dating him, but I’m glad we met, and I love the story of it all.


  • James

    haha…well you would have to like my pic in order for us to be Tinder matches and new BFFs. I just moved here and currently live the hotel life until my stuff arrives.

    June 10th, 2013 1:18
  • Kara

    I told you I was going to write about it:)

    June 6th, 2013 22:55
  • Kara

    Say what?! Tinder date??? hahaha

    June 6th, 2013 22:55
  • Catherine

    Thank you for writing a post about this – your last blog entry left me with a cliffhanger!

    June 6th, 2013 18:22
  • James

    I actually found this website when you popped up on my Tinder in Honolulu. Yay for the traffic?

    June 6th, 2013 17:16

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