Every year, flight attendants are required by the FAA to go through recurrent training, Recurrent training is when we stews spend a couple of days in a classroom and cover emergency procedures, power point slides of inflight rules, and take some tests. A�Passing the test means another year of employment and a few extra cents added to the hourly pay.

I did this once in Flight Attendant Training.

I’m pretty grateful that I’m still employed. A�I often question my commit-ability, but this marks my 3rd year in the airline relationship, and I’m happy. A�It might not be “The One”, but it still makes me giddy, excited, and find myself lost in thought over what I feel has chosen me. A�Three years may not be long spent working as a flight attendant, but these years have been very significant and character molding.

I was thumbing through my passport today, and still, my favorite stamp, directs me back to what started me in this career field. A�It was Egypt, not because of the landmarks, or seeing the pyramids, it isn’t even on my absolute favorite list, but it was the place that thought me out of a desk job. A�Egypt made me dream, and in the discouragement of no one wanting to hire me, I came back from my first taste of travel with hope I hadn’t felt in awhile (and giardia, but my lasting take-away was hope).

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I’ve been thinking recently (maybe thinking a little bit too much) about goals. A�Goals that I have for my career life, personal life, travel life, tortilla life. A�I have so many facets and interests and stuff I want to do that I’m overwhelmed (in a positive way). A�When I consider fears I hold, I fear becoming too comfortable, idle, letting life just pass me by, but today, the single thought centered in my brain:

“You are in a good place. Stay.”

Alright then.

But, if someday (who knows when that will be), I find myself looking for another career, I may consider becoming a mascot. A�I hear they are popular with fans:)


PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO. You will laugh, and it’s basically the whole point of the post.

And if I still want my current job, I better study-up.

Cracking open the books now.

You collegiates, higher education over-achievers, med-students, yeah, I’m talking to you crazies!!!

Ohhhhh, kids! I don’t envy you at all!




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