Emily and I only like to travel with a carry-on size bags because we don’t always know what flight we will be taking or where we will be going. A�But, after Istanbul, our carry-ons have grown and have passed the dimensions for allowed cabin baggage. A�We went shopping. A�What can I say?

The bazaars in Istanbul are mostly to blame. A�These markets are not really where the locals go, as tourists mostly frequent places like the largest, Grand Bazaar, or Spice Market. A�If you accept bazaar shopping for what it is; mild harassment by salesmen, that you probably aren’t really scoring a bargain, A�and the overwhelming amount of shops that sell the exact same items (but claim to be different), than it’s a paradise.

Emily and I had the best bazaar experience, when in a quest for a silver bracelet, we stumbled upon a certain jewelry shop. A�The shop isn’t anything spectacular, but the man working there is absolutely fantastic. A�Mellow and slightly shy, with a wonderful sense of humor, our shopping trip turned into Mustafa teaching us to make jewelry. A�(Well Emily actually paid attention while I just entertained myself by spinning on a chair).

Just watch the video:

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I’ll write more soon, but Emily and I are in Munich right now:) Prost!

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