I never have entire weekends off, and somehow, I scored 5 days in a row, over the Holiday no less.  But, in my brilliance, I picked up a trip on the Holiday.  What was I thinking?!  I just forgot it was a Holiday!

Let me explain last week to you, and then maybe you will cut me some slack.  On a Thursday, I thought it was a Friday, was gearing up for ‘Memorial Day Weekend,’ and kept on reminding myself to text my friend because it was September 30th, and her birthday.  It wasn’t until I woke up the next morning when I simultaneously realized that I had forgotten to text her and that it had been August 30th.  And yes, someone had to call my attention to the fact that it was Labor Day Weekend.  Ahhhh geez!

All that makes one wonder how I make it to work.

But, enough about work!  Let’s recap the weekend.  It was filled with fun; old friends and new, street fairs, beach days, and weddings, the highlight being the two weddings that I attended.

Both brides happen to be flight attendants, one of which is a colleague of mine, the other of which, we became friends over a Persimmon (you never know what will make you BFFs).  Hope you enjoy some photos from the festivities (I’m sorry I didn’t get very many photos from Esmy & Robert’s wedding. That is a blogger fail).

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Robert & Esmy

Vince & Nicole



Happy in Love

Mr. & Mrs.

Congratulations and best wishes to both couples; Robert & Esmy, and Nicole & Vince.

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