I never have entire weekends off, and somehow, I scored 5 days in a row, over the Holiday no less. A�But, in my brilliance, I picked up a trip on the Holiday. A�What was I thinking?! A�I just forgot it was a Holiday!

Let me explain last week to you, and then maybe you will cut me some slack. A�On a Thursday, I thought it was a Friday, was gearing up for ‘Memorial Day Weekend,’ and kept on reminding myself to text my friend because it was September 30th, and her birthday. A�It wasn’t until I woke up the next morning when I simultaneously realized that I had forgotten to text her and that it had been August 30th. A�And yes, someone had to call my attention to the fact that it was Labor Day Weekend. A�Ahhhh geez!

All that makes one wonder how I make it to work.

But, enough about work! A�Let’s recap the weekend. A�It was filled with fun; old friends and new, street fairs, beach days, and weddings, the highlight being the two weddings that I attended.

Both brides happen to be flight attendants, one of which is a colleague of mine, the other of which, we became friends over a Persimmon (you never know what will make you BFFs). A�Hope you enjoy some photos from the festivities (I’m sorry I didn’t get very many photos from Esmy & Robert’s wedding. That is a blogger fail).

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Robert & Esmy

Vince & Nicole



Happy in Love

Mr. & Mrs.

Congratulations and best wishes to both couples; Robert & Esmy, and Nicole & Vince.

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