So I am now 27a��
This is what being a year older and a year wiser looks like.
Last year, I had a break up, quit my job, moved, my close friend passed away. A�I went on a cross country road trip. A�I galavanted out of the country, moved again, broke my arm, found a new job, left the country one more time, and quit that new job.
The point of this year was to heal my mind, body, soul, and to find direction. A�What do I know? A�What do I love? A�What do I want to do? A�These are questions that I think many individuals have. A�Not just flight attendants. A�Not just culinary aficionados. A�These are questions that I am discovering the answers to. A�Answers that sometimes appear a lot more slowly than I find comfortable.
There are some things that I do know. A�I know that I find happiness in the joy that I bring to others. A�I know that I love to travel. A�I know that I love my best friends. A�And, I also know that I love to cook.
There is a madness in the kitchen- the perfect combination of chaos and control. A�Maybe baking is similar to flying in that way. A�The chaos of bags and people, and madness of boarding announcements and delays. A�The control of security, and seat belts fastened, and rules to follow. A� There are always rules- rules that must be followed. A�But, there is always room for creativity, at least with cooking (don’t try to get too creative with your flight attendants).
I love starting with a bag of flour, a box of sugar, butter, eggs. A�A little bit of this. A�A little bit of that. A�Some love, and before you know it, something has been created. A�Hopefully, it turned out how it was supposed to. A�Some may find decorating a cake stressful, but I find it soothing. A�It is distracting, and in the distraction, I find clarity. A�I get a lot of thinking done when I am baking. A�It takes me to a place of calm, maybe like meditation or yoga do for some.
There is a problem in that as much as my stuff might be delicious, I don’t like to eat the desserts that I make. A�My family isn’t interested in eating them either as they would rather have thin than delicious most of the time. A�So, the cake that I lovingly created is left alone. A�That’s not very happy.
I made my own birthday cake this year. A�It was like a present to myself. A�But, I don’t want to keep these creations to myself, and so, I quit flying full time so I could build my own company, a company called Cupcake. A�My dream is to have my own bakery and wine bar, which seems a far away place from “The Flight Attendant Life.” A�Maybe it was because of the flight attendant life I got to this place, ready to adventure on my own. A�I don’t know how it will happen, but I had to go where my heart has been leading me.
It feels like I have back tracked instead of stepping forward. A�I am looking for a stability that my life in aviation lacked. A�A home would be nice. A�I’m tired of the hotel existence. A�I crave two opposites; chaos and control, and I find the combination most perfectly in the kitchen.
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