It’s not just beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, it pretty much is with Christmas only 8 days away.  Some places or activities make the season really stand-out.  The following destinations are my current picks on where to go during the holiday season.  Places that make Christmas come alive.

New York City—When you live in California, sometimes it takes a little bit longer to realize that it’s Christmas.  I had been told many times that New York City is amazing during the holidays.  I was told correctly.  The bustling city becomes even more vibrant, with people enjoying the shopping, ice skating, and The Christmas Tree. Suggestion:  Bryant Park

Holidays in NYC

Santa Barbara, California—The streets are alive with festive decorations in this town that exudes an upscale beach vibe.  The downtown trolley buses cute-en up with displays of reindeer ears and holiday wreaths. Suggestion: The French Press

Downtown Santa Barbara

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Uvita, Costa Rica— To see the most incredible December sunsets, spend some time in Uvita.  The Lonely Planet Guidebook doesn’t give this place the recognition it deserves.  Don’t go for the party (although, I have danced the night away here), but walk deserted beaches, swim in waterfalls, and hike through jungles while spotting various wildlife.  You’ll definitely return from this sanctuary with post holiday blues.
Suggestion:  The Flutterby House or Cascada Verde

Christmas in Uvita

Portland/Hood River, Oregon— Portland rarely recieves a blanket of snow, but take a drive along the Columbia River Gorge towards Mt. Hood to enjoy a wintery Christmas.  The outdoor activities are endless with snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing, or for thosee that would rather stay indoors, snuggle up by the fire.
Suggestion: Bagby Hot Springs

Hike to Bagby Hot Springs

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