By: Erin

Standing at the front of the plane, greeting my passengers last week from EWR to MCO I couldna��t help but notice the outfits. A young lady in ripped up sweat pants that sagged in all the wrong places. A man who looked like he had never seen an iron in his entire life. There was the lady wearing dirty white tennis shoes circa 1991. Then another in an oversized Mickey Mouse t-shirt (very festive for the destination, I will give her that much). Then of course, all the people who just showed up in their PJa��sa��. for a 3 pm flight. I couldna��t help but think: What happened to dressing up on the airplane, the glamorousa�� and fashionable days of air travel?! I should clarify that I am not being mean or judgmental; I am just utterly amazed at what people think is OK to wear, and how different the standard is from 50 years ago.

Now I understand, these days air travel is NOT what it used to be. Gone are the days ofA�5 course meals, and flight attendants in little white gloves. Puny bags of peanuts and tepid bottles of water have replaced it. But why did everyonea��s style get left behind too? Comfort is key when flying, I get that, but there is a way to be comfortable without showing everyone your underwear through the holes in your jogging pants. Leta��s compromise here people!!

Here are a few easy examples that wona��t take ANY more time than the PJa��s you threw on (well maybe a couple extra minutesa��. but its worth it I promise)!


Ita��s all about layering here! I love to bring a scarf with me whenever I travel. Airplanes are always colda�� and unless you are flying first class you probably wont get a blanket (if you happen to get onea�� you probably dona��t want to use it as it probably was used several times before you. Ew.) Back to the scarf, use it as a wrap, a blanket, or ball it up into a pillow, and it adds a little flair to your outfit to boot! Basic tank and comfy black jeans keep this outfit easy. While the metallic flats take this basic outfit to the next level, and they are easy to get off and on when you go through the dreaded security line!

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In my opinion the Maxi dress is the perfect compromise between comfort and style! Ita��s so easy to throw on in a hurry and great dress to really add onto if you are so inclined. The belt really shows off a waistline and fun jewelry is always a fun addition. Of course the scarf again for that extra layer!


See, you can still represent the Mouse, but in a fashionable way! This look is just the put together, classic a�?jeans & t-shirta��. By throwing on the black blazer, you not only get that warmth for the plane, but you get a great tailored look! The platforms are great to dress up any outfit, and still easy and comfy to walk in! Also if you are going to bring the big shoes anyways ita��s sometimes easier to wear them, and save a little space in your bag!

You never know who you may meet on the plane!! Dona��t you want to be dressed like a civilized human being? I mean the love of your life might be in 22A, and you dona��t want him to see you in a shirt that has a coffee stain from 3 weeks ago on it do you?! Or maybe a big time executive from that company you have always wanted to work forA�will be your seatmate for the trip, he wont appreciate your Angry Birds pajama set, I guarantee that. You should be ready for anything and everything and something as simple as a good outfit could change it all. Put your best foot forward; take an extra 5 min in your day to pick out the right outfit for your day of travel. A�You never know where the right outfit could land you! Not only that but I promise you it will make you feel better about yourself! And ifA�nothing else, your flight attendant will appreciate it.

Meet Erin

Name: ErinA�

Hometown: PHX AZ
Based: Boston Logan Intl.
Favorite Place to be in the USA: New York City!!
Favorite destination so far: Capadoccia, TurkeyA�
Never leave home without: two things…a swimsuit… You just never know when you may have to divert to sunny Aruba …. you have to be ready for that!! 🙂 secondly, my running shoes… running is a great way to see a new city, and burn a couple extra calories too :)A�
Pet Peeve at work: People who clip there nails on the plane…. I know you are cringing, but IT HAPPENS

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