Oh My Lav

This is Part 3 in the fun germ series. To read Part 1 about who you really snuggle up to when cuddling with airline blankets and pillows click here, and read part 2 about unsanitary tray tables by following this link.

At some point during my recent two month leave, someone asked me, “Do you miss work?”  I thought for a moment, and shrugged, adding a “Not really.”  In the next breath, I was three sentences into a rant about what I did not miss.  This rant turned into a passionate protest against the dreaded aircraft lavatory.  I didn’t miss eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with suffocating smells wafting through re-circulated air.  I didn’t miss the pee on the floor, un-clogging the clogs, and the trips when the sink water wouldn’t even work! REALLY? (Sad, but true story).

Yesterday, during my trip, I was reminded of the horrors of the potty zone.  During the flight, I was seated on the jumpseat and a passenger, before entering the lav, glanced at me in disgusted fear, grabbed a breath of somewhat fresh air, and disappeared.  I looked at the other flight attendant and questioned, “Worse, than normal?”  “Uh…” he mumbled and shrugged.

I’m telling you, being a flight attendant isn’t all glamour…


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Germ Zone:  Aircraft Lavatory
For: A range of threats like E. coli or fecal bacteria

Now, you know how the flight attendants tell you to remain seated when the seatbelt sign is on, and how this is for your safety and the safety of those around you?  You may think we are lying to you, or that we say this just so you won’t bump your head, but I’ll give you something else to ponder.

Don’t use the lavatory on an airplane when it’s turbulent because you will be like that one girl who got blue juice (that toilet stuff) in crevasses you don’t want blue juice in.  She decided not to listen to the announcements about staying seated, and the end result was she had to be treated over a six month period for potential Hepatitis among other things.

The lavatory is a unescapable germ zone, but improve your situation by using a toilet seat cover, bringing your own hand sanitizer, and using a paper towel to open the door so as not to touch the door handle.  I honestly try not to think about how gross the lavatory really is.  And why anyone would want to join the mile-high club is beyond me. Ew!

Inspiration for this series is thanks to BudgetTravel, and the article, “6 Places Germs Breed On a Plane.”  To read the article please click here.

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