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Germ Zone:A� Airplane Meals
For: Listeria. Known to cause gastrointestinal distress and meningitis

Passenger:A� What?!?! You don’t have food
Flight Attendant: Yes we have food. We have Snack Packs, Snickers, Pringles, M&Ms…
Passenger:A� (Interrupting)A�No…like real food?
Flight Attendant: (THINKING:A� It’s not my job to pack your lunch) Smiling…umm, this is what we have.
Passenger:A� What’s free?
Flight Attendant: (delivered with an overexaggerated grin)A� Ice and Smiles.

Not many airlines serve meals these days, and many airlines charge for food or beverages.A� But, before you work yourself into a tizzy because you believe it’s your right to have free peanuts or a five course dinner on the flight, you might be interested to know that airline meals are potential sources of sickness.

In 2009, LSG Sky Chefs, catererA�of airline meals, was found to be far under health code standards.A� The company food kitchens were crawling with roaches and food handlers wereA�preparing food with dirty gloves or bare hands.A� Since then, LSG has cleaned up their facilities and has passed follow up health inspections.

Here’s your meal, sir. Oh that…yes. That’s in there for extra protein.A� Didn’t you request the Inflight Special of Roach Souffle?

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You may have heard in recent news, a suitA�was filed against American Airlines claiming that an airplane meal caused the death of a man.A� With the bankruptcy filing, I guess American just couldn’t afford spending any extra on making sure that the food was safe to eat (JOKING).A� In actuality, the more likely cause of death in this case was heart attack.A� I understand that food on airlines can be close to unedible, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say it kills people.

If you don’t want to gag through an airline meal, or as mostA�airlines don’t actually serve meals anymore, here is what I recommend.A�Pack a lunch.A� I have go-to travel foods that are easy to carry, healthy, and taste so much better than sodium laden Snack Packs.A� If you bring your own food, you will also save a few dollars by not purchasing the overpriced airport food.

Here’s a list of my favorite travel foods:

My favorite travel food…TORTILLAS!!

Inspiration for this series is thanks to BudgetTravel, and the article, a�?6 Places Germs Breed On a Plane.a�?A� To read the article please click here.

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