Planes & Poetry

By J. Wilson

Smeared lipstick &
spray tan on bedsheets.
Secrets kept in hotel rooms
in the cobwebbed cities
we fly into.
But you’re an LA & I’m more of
a Denver
A Pinterest to your Tinder

Marlboro Reds and Ambien-
An entire year of them
Living off of energy drinks and protein bars
Be kinder to yourself.
You get this one shell
this lifetime
and look
at how reckless.
You are not Hemingway
you are not tragic
it is not romantic
But, man! don’t you want to
burn burn burn
Like fabulous yellow Roman candles?!
Here you go again with the
Just lay it down. Lay the weapons down.

(But where would the fun be in that…And what the hell would you write about?)

Virgin America Flight Plane Airbus Flight Attendant

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