Last week was an extra special week for me, because I got to train the new batch of Private Flight Attendants (technically called as Cabin Attendants aka SkyAngels going through SKYAcademy); which included yours truly, KARA!!!

SkyAngels SkyAcademy private flight attendant training

It’s a bit crazy for me the day of training, so Kara and I were not able to catch up until we got back. There was so much to talk about regarding the training experience, so I had broke up our conversation up into two parts. Our discussion can be found on the YouTube Channel.
  • What were your expectations going into Private Flight Attendant Trainingd?
  • Now that you’re trained in Private Aviation, is there anything you want to share?
  • So now that you have a glimpse into Private Aviation, is this something you’re still interested in?

How long will it take after training
to find a job?
Do I think SKYacademy prepares you to be a Private Flight Attendant better than the other training options?
Can you tell which SkyAngels are going to be successful and which ones aren’t?

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Thanks again for following the private aviation blogs. Let us know in the comments on YouTube or here any questions you may have!
Soar High~

  • Brian Wallace

    A n exceptional and memorable flight is as a result of super flight attendants.

    October 8th, 2016 20:13
  • Kathleen

    I am writing a script for a film
    I used to be a flight Attendant for 10 years
    After an incident on the airplane where a man died from a heart attack on a Dc9 air craft
    The other flight Attendant and I had to attend a debriefing
    This was 10 years ago
    I don’t remember the questions asked us in the debriefing
    Please help me get questions that would be asked
    And email me
    I need this ASAP as I have a deadline to meet
    Thank you

    February 7th, 2017 4:03

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