Hi everyone it’s me, Nicole again from The Flight Attendant Life and Trainer/Director at SkyAngels. Sorry it has been so long since I’ve shared some secrets of the industry, but I’ve been busy in; St. Maarten, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Miami, New York, Arizona, California, Canada and Hawaii to name a few…––

When I first joined The Flight Attendant Life, it was mainly because Kara was solely working in Commercial Aviation and I worked in Private Aviation. I thought, “Hey it would be fun to share a little bit about my ‘Flight Attendant Life’ as well!” 

Since then, Kara has made the jump, and it’s been exciting to now still talk about the differences we experienced since, I have been flying in Private Aviation almost eight years, and Kara is just getting started.

We got together and here are some updates (YOUTUBE VIDEOS THAT YOU NEED TO WATCH) that I thought would be helpful for all of you who are interested in— or considering— Private Aviation;

    1. The Importance of Building a Community: YES, it’s rare but so important to have support if you are thinking about getting into Private Aviation. That is one of my favorite things about being a Trainer at SkyAngels is that I get to support and help out new people.

    1. Kara landed her first flight! She did a great job, and I’m just so proud of her. Interesting enough, with all those years of flying in commercial aviation she was still super nervous! I think this is a big misconception about Private Aviation is that, if you come from Commercial Aviation, that means it’s going to be much easier for you. This is not necessarily the case. I had NO background in Aviation and as a trainer, I’ve seen people like me with no experience really excel and people with tons of background in aviation not make it. So, what’s the deciding factor? It’s YOU!

  1. Which leads me to my last topic; How to Get a Job / What to do while you are working on getting a job. If you are out there and frustrated, keep at it! I believe in you and your dreams are worth the hard work but let it be known. It’s hard work, but all things exciting and worthwhile generally are!!!

Part 1:

Part 2:

See you soon and let me know what other topics/questions you have about Private Aviation!

  Private Flight Attendant Life Kara Mulder

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