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The flight attendant interview outfit can have a rather large impact on how you will be perceived in a interview. The people conducting the interview are likely to be current line flight attendants and they know that a big part of the flight attendant job is looking good. These recruitersA�are looking for someone that can uphold that ideal image …and has a shining personality to boot!

As conceited as this may sound, traditionally, cabin crew are expected to look their best when they go to work. Now, you might be thinking a�?the last time I flew the flight attendants looked like a mess!a�? That may be the case, and truthfully, you might see this once and a while at 36,000 feet. However, as an individual that desires to begin flying the friendly skies, you are expected to meet high standards. Throughout the interview and training process you will be expected to look professional and classy.


Fitted pantsuit? Check. Simple makeup? Done and done. Shining personality? Most definitely!

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1. The Outfit and Accessories

Above you will find me in my interview outfit. I have a suit that I invested in some time ago that is a classic black pant suit, it fits me really well and I always pair it with pearl earrings and pearl necklace. I usually wear a pink bracelet that is special to me, sometimes its a conversation piece and it shows that I have a little flair. Keep the jewelry to a minimum.

Either a pant suit or skirt suit is perfectly acceptable as long as the skirt is not more than two inches above the knee. A business dress is great too but keep the hem line to no more than two inches above the knee. Ladies, feel free to change up the interview outfit but do not put too much color into it. You do not want to stand out for the wrong reasons. I always recommend wearing a blazer. Men, I recommend a suit with a tie, perhaps one that mimics the colors of the airline that you are interviewing with.

2. The Hair

Just a disclaimer,A�I am not completely interview ready in the picture above, normally to be interview ready I recommend wearing your hair in an updo if it touches the shoulders or falls below them. Your interview updo does not necessarily need to be as elaborate as Karaa��s hair, pictured below. But definitely pull it back. Men, go ahead and either go clean shaven or clean up your facial hair so it looks neat.



An sleek and elegant up-do is a must-have item on your Flight Attendant interview outfit checklist.

3. To Scarf or Not To Scarf?

The most common question I receive about interview outfits is that many individuals ask if I recommend wearing a scarf for the interview. My resounding answer is always no.A�There is no concrete reason for why I do not recommend this but I will tell you my thought process on the mattera�� The scarf is a flight attendant icon, not a flight attendant hopeful icon. In my opinion, if you wear a scarf to an interview, it looks a little over the top. Airlines are not any more impressed if you wear a scarf to an interview. You will get your chance to wear a scarf as much as you want AFTERA�training. Take it or leave it, thats my advice on that matter!

SkyWest New Hires 2014

A group of Houston-bound SkyWest gals show off their scarves and wings after graduation!

4. Make-up

Let’s talk makeup. If I was to sum up interview makeup in three words: keep it simple. The look you are going for is elegant. You want to exude professionalism. I recommend keeping the eye makeup light but still noticeable and your lips should have some color on them. If you can pull off the red lipstick, more power to you! If youa��re like me and cana��t quite do it, dona��t. Go with a comfortable pink that looks fabulous on you.

5. Shoes and the Final Touches

Shoes, shoes, shoesa�� A�Simple, unadorned, business-colored heels under 3 inches are the safest bet!

…And flight attendant hopefuls, dona��t forget, the best piece you can wear to a flight attendant interview is a smile!

Have any other questions concerning the flight attendant interview look? Check out our YouTube channel or email me at meghan@theflightattendantlife.com for personal inquiries about your specific pieces. Check out our complete YouTube careers playlist and stay tuned for the eBook coming soon to help you prepare for those tough interview questions!

Keep it classy, hopefuls! See you in the sky!

  • Nadine

    Does your hair always have to be up as a flight attendant or can your hair cover the ears but stays out of your face, the question goes for the interview hair style as well , having a nice hair style but covers the ears?

    May 15th, 2017 20:36
  • Khaoula Maanni

    Thanks for the precious advices!

    October 18th, 2016 4:11
  • Lee

    Applying as a flight attendant needs to exert more effort because looking good is one of the requirements

    March 17th, 2016 8:51
  • Amy Caramanian

    What color pantyhose would you recommend?

    July 18th, 2015 19:27
  • Paula Norris

    Have thought about this a few years ago. Kids are all grown. Thinking it would be interesting and Fun.

    July 3rd, 2015 3:33

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