Room 2419. Just My Size

This happened during my September Europe trip.

The three of us laughed atA�the juxtaposition of the current night’s accommodationsA�in relation to the previous nights’.A� From the sprawling and luxuriousA�Blue Palace, of Elounda,A�Crete, to beingA�welcomed to Munich with bone chilling rain, and the hard cement floor ofA�Hauptbonhauf Train Station.

Getting a restful sleep did not seem like an option as we searched a spot to settle in for the six hours until our train was to depart the next morning.A� Noticing the luggage lockers that lined several corridors, I climbed into one, just to be funny.A� Realizing that it was actually warm, dark, and more comfortable than the floor, I decided to stay, and quickly fell asleep.A� (The boys of course were too tall to fit in a locker and slept nearby on the floor where it was cold and bright. Yeah…I was gloating a bit).

I awakened to light entering my den as someone said something to me in German.A� I mumbled in English, and immediatelyA�the German became, “I’m so sorry to wake you from your rest, but you cannot sleep here.”A� The voice’s owner is a young, Mister-Rogers-adorable looking Polizei, who was accompanied by a blonde and broad-shouldered counterpart.

I crawled out of the locker, laughing, with a sheepish grin on my face.A� Who gets in trouble for sleeping in lockers, and who sleeps in them anyway?A�

They left, and then returned shortly, saying that they needed my passport information.A� I quickly volunteered that Jimmy and David are my friends, and theA�PolizeiA�took their passport information also (I haven’t been forgiven for being a tattle tale yet).

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After being kicked out of my “home”, we spent the rest of the night sitting in Burger King, where I consecutively lost multiple card games to David, and Jimmy slept on the bench.A� We realized that the only thing worse than our situation of being so cold, so tired, and time dragging on, was the girl in the corner who was Oktoberfest hung over.A� Oh things can always be worse…

The Blue Palace Resort

The Blue Palace Resort

Jimmy snuggling in at the Munich Train Station

We're definately not in Greece anymore

  • Emerald

    That’s funny. Seems you had a good time regardless and it was nice that you didn’t’ get in a lot of trouble for sleeping in the locker.

    October 6th, 2016 1:30

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