My friend Chris—who owns a couple of hostels in Zadar—said it best in regards to the city of Ljubljana. “I don’t like using this word to describe places,” he mused. “But it truly fits. It [Ljubljana] is just so cute.” He got it so right. Ljubljana, the largest city in Slovenia, is just that; stunningly intriguing—not in a sexy, sultry way, but in a charmingly innocent, ‘Sunday-afternoon-walk-with-the-family’’ way.

Ljubljana Slovenia Overnight App

The charmingly sweet Ljubljana was the first place I ever booked a stay with a local host, as opposed to crashing at a hostel or booking the typical hotel night. I hadn’t used AirBnB or similar accommodation booking apps previously. It just doesn’t work well with flying standby. I get a high level of anxiety when forced to plan ahead with accommodations during my travels. I don’t want to foot the bill for a place to stay if I don’t even know if I’m going to get to that place to stay. If you are a flight attendant, a pilot who loves to travel the world on days off, or simply a traveler who appreciates having the freedom to change plans, make adjustments, and not worry about refunds when flights cancel and inconveniences occur, you understand the struggle of pre-booked travel plans.

You understand the need for spontaneity. And so does a new mobile app called Overnight. Overnight gets your spontaneous side.

Overnight allows users to book last-minute, day-of-stays with verified hosts. Created by travelers and techies, the app takes out the stress that advance plans can add to a trip itinerary, Described as, “AirBnb meets Hotel Tonight,” it’s the perfect combo for those who like to keep life and travel open-ended. The goal is that it’s there if and when you need it, not if you think you’ll need it. Diego Prats, the VP of development explained it to me like this: “It’s like the UBER of accommodation.” Oh, perfect. Every flight attendant has seen their lives change thanks to on-demand personal drivers who ferry them to-and-from Crashpad to airport. I envision this new Overnight app to be considerably life changing as well.

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Overnight has seen success in cities like Austin, Los Angeles, and San Francisco and expects to officially launch in more cities throughout the year. Download the app and use the code ‘KARA_MULDER’ to score a discount on your first Overnight.

  • Need a place to stay right now, but didn’t book that local host stay weeks and weeks in advance? Overnight. Done.
  • Are you a flight attendant who hasn’t found a Crashpad yet and just needs something temporarily immediately out of training? Check Overnight.
  • Are you a pilot who showed up at the airport, looked at the departure board and just decided “to go Somewhere.” Overnight will come in handy when you arrive at your ‘Somewhere.’

In my seven years as a flight attendant, I’ve used AirBnb once; maaaaybe twice. I look, but I can’t book because, “There are ten seats left on the flight, three non-revs ahead of me, and fifteen days till departure.” You know the story. I’ve needed something like Overnight. I’m guessing you have too.

To Download Click: HERE

Use the code: KARA_MULDER

Flight Attendant/Brand Ambassador

I have been asked by Overnight to be a Brand Ambassador for the company. This simply means that I will be sharing my Overnight adventures, stories, and information with you periodically on the blog and youtube channel in the hopes to help you travel better and make your flight attendant life easier. This travel tool is extremely helpful for those living in flight attendant life. Overnight is something that I was immediately drawn to as I’ve needed it in the past and it wasn’t invented yet!). So, I’m really excited about this!

In a few weeks, I’ll be trying the app for the first time in San Francisco. The full experience and review will be documented in a YouTube video and here on the blog. 

If you use the app, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Would love to hear your stories!


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