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The Depressing State Of Commercial Aviation: A Letter To Air Travelers And Flight Attendants

To Whom It May Concern: I regret to inform you that the state of commercial aviation has no likelihood of improving. As ticket prices lower, security lines get longer, and more seats are squeezed into already cramped jets, your air travel experience will continue to trend in the direction of A�a�?necessary evila�? as opposed to […]

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a�?The Angel in 22B:a�? The Life Changing Moments All Around Us

One thing that I can say from my experience as a flight attendant is that bad days do exist. Although most days are pretty awesomea�� just gallivanting around the globea�� the bad days do come and when they do, they can be extremely exhausting. Coming from someone who considers himself an extremely positive person, getting […]

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“Draw The Plane:” Unique Perspectives Of A Frequent Air Traveler In A Book

It’s possible that Joseph Mayernik has flown on more flights than I have. For 20 years, he has been capturing a story from the perspective of his airline seata�� and subsequently the stories of flight attendants, other business travelers, and vacationersa��by sketching what he sees. As a talented Creative Director traveling from coast-to-coast and city-to-city, […]

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The Best Classy & Comfy Clothing Item For Air Travel

I recently discovered the best classy and comfy clothing item for my airplane lifestyle. In truth, these certain pair of pants actually found me. And, I am so happy they did! I am always in desperate need of clothes that look nice for travel, but are also extremely comfortable. If you find yourself on airplanes […]

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Known By A Number

I always say the same standard introduction when calling scheduling. a�?Hia��This is [Full Name],a�? quickly followed by a five digit number that is my identity as an airline employee. Ita��s funny how flight attendants and inmates both have numbers. Funny and currently fitting considered how this existence feels like my prison. Tears stream down my […]

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Planes & Poetry

By J. Wilson Smeared lipstick & spray tan on bedsheets. Secrets kept in hotel rooms in the cobwebbed cities we fly into. But you’re an LA & I’m more of a Denver A Pinterest to your Tinder Marlboro Reds and Ambien- An entire year of them Living off of energy drinks and protein bars Jesus. […]

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Flight Attendant RETOX: The Necessary Detox & Recovery Required Post-Trip

The last thing I wanted was to be on the 5hr25 min flight from Ft Lauderdale to Los Angeles. ‘I hate this commute,’ I thought as I lifted my heavy kiteboarding bag onto the scale; smiling at the agent in the hopes that the kite bag would slip by anyA�overweight charges she could slap onto […]

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Remember The Pilotsa��A Tribute To The ‘Other’ Crew

Oftena�� as a collective groupa�� flight attendants don’t speak well of cockpit crew and often, this is for good reason. I’ve trusted the wrong types; the ones who have a character less than best, a humor less than appropriate, and a reputation that more than precedes their arrivals. The profession,A�Pilot,A�carries with it a certain stereotype […]

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The Boeing 787-8: A Flight Attendant Takes You On An Inside Tour Of The Dreamliner

The Boeing 787-8 is my office, but more than that, it sometimes feels like my home. As an International Long-Haul Crew Member, I spend more hours in an airplane than outside of; so being on an aircraft that is newly built and quite well designed is appreciated. It makes work life better and easier. The […]

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Don’t Forget, Not Everyone Travels For Fun

Don’t forget, not everyone travels for fun. She’s on your airplane, because her mom was just diagnosed with cancer and has been given a few weeks. Don’t forget, not everyone wants to be on your flight and maybe he’s only in 26A because work is taking him away from the family he so desperately wants […]

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