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Too Close: A Flight Attendanta��s Thoughts On The Ft Lauderdale Airport Shooting

Please note: I was not there during the time of the incident, so these are simply my distant reactions. With Love, Kara My mind starts a sprint; ferociously running through anyone I know who could have been at Ft Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport on Friday morning. The time and Terminal 2 decreases the possibility that […]

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The Most Popular Text Ever Sent

Four countries in five days. A weekend spent in Los Angeles, Miami, Stockholm, and London. Redeyes literally turning into “red eyes.” This is the typical life; my typical life. Maybe you can relate or maybe you cannot. Or maybe (if you are smart) you sure as hell don’t want to understand how crew live this […]

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Jade Is Not A Good Color On You

Jet lag, and sleep deprivation often feel like an ugly hangover, and that was the state that I was in on Sunday when I went to work. A�But, I had to go, although I didn’t want to- this said from a girl that really enjoys her job. A�No matter, exhausted, is exhausted. A�I had been […]

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An Act Of Vulnerability

Right now, I’m on another airplane. A�It’s always one airport to the next. A�I don’t necessarily mind, as I’m truly beginning to embrace that it is simply a fact that I don’t sit still well. A�I moved to Ft. Laudy Daudy to make myself stay, but have done little of that, spending more time in […]

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